Ask the payee (using the telephone, e-mail systems, instant messaging, etc.) all the necessary details, including surname, name, patronymic, address, zip code, and sometimes also the name of the region or country. In some types of transfer is also required to know the passport details of the recipient. If the funds are transferred using the cellular operators find out the phone number of the addressee, and if the e-Commerce system - the number of his purse. In case the recipient wants to do in his checking account, find out this account number, Bank name, BIC and other information. Write down all the information carefully, and then carefully check.
Note that the free transfer of funds does not happen he always charged the fee. Therefore, regardless how you will transfer funds, take with them not only the money that you wish to transfer, but the amount to cover the amount of the Commission. To know what it is, in the information service organization, whose services you are going to use. For example, "Mail of Russia" - 8 800 200 58 88 Beeline - 0611 (from mobile phone connected to the same operator). Also bring your passport.
The most reliable way to transfer funds is an email. For its implementation, please contact any branch of "Mail of Russia". Select the desired transfer method: slow - through "cyber money", fast - through "fast and furious" or a "Western Union". Take the appropriate form, carefully fill it out, wait your turn, hand it to the operator together with a passport, Deposit funds, and then receive back the passport and a document confirming that funds accepted for transfer.
The services of the firm "Western Union" you can use not only at the post office, but in any Bank, has entered into a contract with this company. To do this, refer to any cashier and tell them that you are going to transfer funds through this service. It will provide you with forms and help to fill them. Follow the instructions of the cashier-teller. Banks also offers money transfer through other systems, for example, "Unistream".
For the translation using a mobile phone will be charged somewhat high Commission, but the sender does not need to visit any post office nor the Bank is sufficient to find the nearest payment terminal. To use the service, you will need a phone connected to the "Beeline". Call 0611 and then follow the prompts of the voice of the informant, make the connection with a consultant. Ask not blocked on your SIM card service "Beeline.Money", and what is the current Commission for it. If this service is available, first put the required amount (including the fee as a payment terminal, and the service itself) on your own phone. It is best to use machines with zero Commission, which sometimes occur in shopping malls - then to make, in addition to the transferred amount, will have only the cost of the service provided by "Beeline", but not the owner of the terminal. When the account is funded, send to number 7878 SMS message of the following format:

Uni Name number Фамилия2, where Uni is the abbreviation for Unistream, Surname, Name, Patronymic name - your surname, name and patronymic, the number is the amount of rubles, and Фамилия2 - the name of the recipient.

After this number 8464 request will be confirmed. Answer it (the same number) with a message consisting of one digit to 1. After this number 7878 will receive a code consisting of the letter T and the number of digits. Will notify the recipient in any way, and he will be able, with your passport and a note with this code, to collect the funds in any Bank service providers receiving funds through the system "Unistream".
To transfer funds using electronic payment system, first Fund your account in it. Then run the client program or go to the web interface of the payment system. Enter the username and password, making sure that your computer or smartphone is infected with malicious software. Find the menu item that corresponds to the transfer of funds from one account to another (the recipient must have a wallet on the same system). The location of this point depends on which service you use. Enter the account number of the recipient and the amount you want to send. Then click "forward" or similar.