You will need
  • - the card of the savings Bank;
  • - cash;
  • - ATM cash in when funding the card in this way;
  • - passport if you Deposit money through the cashier;
  • account in the savings Bank or another credit institution with a balance to raise the amount necessary to pay the Bank's Commission, if any;
  • - account number of the card and the Bank branch of Sberbank, where it is open;
  • - computer and Internet access in remote banking service;
  • phone and access to mobile banking using this method.
If you would prefer to pay cash to the cashier, contact the office of Sberbank. When you open the card, it is better to the teller, where it can replenish: only in the branch where it is opened or in the other.
Take a turn or get a ticket email queue by selecting the machine the question. In the second case, refer to the window that is displayed on the scoreboard next to your room. Show the teller your passport, card and ticket number of the electronic-queue, if available. Tell me, what would you like to make money.
Often the operator will make the required amount. But in some offices may send in cash. Act according to the situation. You must issue a receipt, and the money credited to the card account immediately.
You can also use the ATM with the function of receiving funds (not applicable to all devices). Finding such an ATM, insert the card, enter PIN, choose option "cash" (or another option, similar in meaning).
Have the money ready and insert into the bill acceptor when the device asks you to do so. Wait while the ATM check the bills and will display on the screen the amount paid. If you agree, give the command to Deposit money into the account.
The receipt, which will issue ATM, keep until you are sure that the money reached the card. They can be credited instantly, and within a few business days (usually up to three).
For transfer from another Bank you will need the account number of your card (not to be confused with the number of the card on its front side) and the details of the branch of the savings Bank where you open the card. They can be obtained by contacting the operations clerk in the Department.
When visiting a branch of the savings Bank or another Bank where you opened your account, and give tellers paper with the account details and account number, passport, report the amount of the payment.
If you use Internet banking enter your account details, amount and purpose (transfer of funds) the payment to the system interface.
If you do transfer using the mobile banking identification in the system and enter the desired value with the keyboard of your phone or dictate to the operator depending on the order in a particular Bank.

Money transferred from one Bank to another shall be credited to the payee's account within three working days. Transfer from account to account within the same Bank usually goes faster, often instantly.