You will need
  • Tie suspension springs (short for front and long for rear). Set carob and spanner wrenches with socket set. Bulgarian. Vise. Jack. For the rear suspension: springs VAZ-2104 and spacers for the rear springs on the VAZ-2101-2107, shocks from Gazelle or imported, the upper longitudinal thrust from IZH-2126. For the front suspension: springs from Chevrolet Niva, shocks from the same car or imported, pressure washer-sealed ball bearings as spacers.
Before starting work, support the Cornfield on the lift. In the absence of a lift Jack and set the stands under the body. Hanging out a car reduces the risk of it falling and speeds up the process of the Elevatorunit.
Raise the rear of the car to maximum height and lock. Fixing a car should be reliable, because the production of work the machine will greatly swing. Unscrew from the rear axle thrust limiter of the braking force, tee the rear circuit of the brakes, lower and upper mounts of shock absorbers. The tee off. Remove the shock absorbers and rear springs. If necessary, disconnect the fixing of the handbrake cable.
At the top cups of springs, install the spacers, put the new springs. Jack raise the rear axle up to the height needed for installation of the shock absorber. Installing new rubbers in the shock absorber, place it. Screw first the upper attachment then the lower one, but do not tighten completely. The shock absorber before installing the pump, why squeeze it 6-7 times before it stops. Lower the rear part of the car to the ground.
Remove both upper torque rod from the rear axle. Install the new torque arm, not wrapping the final bolts. Jack up the rear axle for the gear. Turning the bridge screw thrust to the body. Finally do not over tighten. Lower the rear axle. A little jump on the rear bumper, that established gum shock stood up and turned freely.
Not raising the vehicle, completely tighten all loose nuts. Reinstall the thrust limiter of the braking force and adjust it. Tee extend with a suitable hose and reinstall.
Loosen the nuts on the front wheels. Raise the front of the car and reliably fix. Remove the wheels. Clean from dirt ball bearings, levers and shock absorbers. Remove the springs. Remove the shocks by removing the upper and lower mount. Remove the front stabilizer bar by disconnecting its attachment to the body and lower control arm. To improve cross, do not put it back. Unscrew the bolts attaching the upper and lower ball joints. Remove the springs, releasing them from their ties.
Install the coupler on new springs and the springs on the car. A Jack, raise the lower suspension arms to the height required for installation of the absorbers. Setting on the dampers new rubber bands, put the shock absorbers. From the top of the bump stop cut off 60-70% of its height. Tighten the ball stud to the lower arm. The upper ball bearing assemble the spacer 13 of the clamping plates with water between them. Use long bolts to attach upper ball joint to the upper arm. If the necessary stability Fields on the pavement, set the front stabilizer.