So, your dream (or just a car that have enough money) – "Hyundai Accent"but you don't like the ground clearance, and you are afraid that winter will all cling to, - work on clearance. The owners of this brand of car, increase ground clearance in a variety of ways, but the most inexpensive and accessible to many option – installation of the rubber inserts from the WHA.

Install some new struts. But still a budget option - rubber inserts of the stands from the vases. To make this tuning, you will need:

  1. Buy 2 rubber spacers to increase clearance with a minimum thickness of 2 see the "Accent" fit spacers from the Frets, you can buy them in any shop, but the price is ridiculous, about 200-300 rubles. Also get new longer studs, as the old supply will not happen.
  2. Stock up on tools. You will need the key, 12 mm drill, a file and a wooden hammer (mallet).
  3. When tools and parts are prepared, you can start working. First disassemble the rack on his car. Be careful not to damage the frame, knock the old stud wielding for this mallet.
  4. Now look bought spacers if the hole is smaller on them than on the rack, enlarge them using a drill, then a little work with a file, give the holes a shape corresponding racks.
  5. Put your new studs, attach the top spacer plates.
  6. Carefully secure design the nuts and refit the rack.

After all the manipulations your iron horse will be much higher. If you do not operate the machine for a spooky off-road, the clearance you hardly have to worry.