Advice 1: How to get to Khimki

Khimki – Moscow region town located in the North-West of the capital. It has very good transport links with Moscow, making it pretty easy to reach by public transport and by car.
How to get to Khimki
Go to Khimki on the train. This is one of the fastest ways to get to the city. For this you need from the Leningrad station, located near the metro station "Komsomolskaya" to Board the train that follows one of the following routes: "Moscow-Klin", "Moscow-Kryukovo, Moscow-Konakovo GRES", "Moscow-Sunflower", "Moscow-Tver" and go to station "Khimki".

The journey time will take approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the number of stops that the train makes. To plan your time, check the schedule of trains. Because of this you will know the number of the trains, the route, the hours of arrival and departure.
Use the services of road transport. Until Khimki can be reached by bus or taxi from the metro stations "River station" "Water stadium", "Voykovskaya", "Planernaya", "Tushinskaya", "shodnenskaya", "Mitino".

From the metro station "Rechnoy Vokzal" to Khimki can be reached by bus №№342, 343, 344, 345, 350, 368, 370, 443, 437, 482 or taxi №№342, 344, 345, 431, 476, 532.
From the metro station "Water stadium" - by bus №465.
From the metro station "Voykovskaya" - bus 440 or bus number 309.
From the metro station "Planernaya" - by trolley bus No. 202, bus No. 383, 469, 434 or taxi №№154, 189, 68, 971.
From the metro station "Tushinskaya" - by route taxi №№326, 241.
From the metro station "Skhodnenskaya" - by bus no 472 or route taxi №№971, 873.
From metro station "Mitino" - bus №959.
The most convenient option to get to the Khimki - book a taxi or go by car. From Moscow city centre can be reached on the Leningrad highway from MKAD to the pointer "Khimki". Journey time will depend on traffic. During peak hours traffic jams on the Leningrad highway at the entrance to Khimki, when planning a trip should consider this circumstance. On average, the traffic on the trip from Moscow city centre takes 15 to 25 minutes.

Advice 2 : How to get in Khimki

Khimki is a city in Moscow region, which border with the Russian capital takes place on the ring road. Between Moscow and Khimki is very developed rail and road connections. Depending on transportou load properly plan your route to Khimki to minimize cash expenditures and get the maximum comfort and pleasure from the trip.
How to get in Khimki

How to get to Moscow by train

All the trains to Moscow depart from Leningrad station. Journey time varies from 20 to 31 minutes, depending on the time of day of departure train. The fare depends on whether the ticket is bought at full or reduced rate. The price of travel is affected by the transport of bicycles or animals, and hand Luggage weighing up to 50 pounds. to save you can get tickets, the cost of which varies depending on the period they are acquired.

Apart from Moscow to Khimki's drive from Tver and from the stations "Wedge", "Kryukovo" and "Sunflower". Be aware that ambulances and passenger trains stop at the station of Khimki do not.

How to get to Moscow by bus

Between Moscow and Khimki are very well developed bus service. Regular flights leave from the River station of the capital, and arrive on the street Pavlova, the platform, left Bank, street of Friendship, and the station of Khimki/West.

Leaving from the metro station "Planernaya" can be reached in Moscow on the street of Friendship, to drive to the stadium "Rodina", or to get to the station of Khimki/West.

On the final point can come from the settlements Ivakino", "hlebnikovo", "Klyazma" and also from the station of Lobnya. Bus to Khimki from the international airport "Sheremetyevo-2". The bus stop is located in the vicinity of the departure hall.

From the Government House in Myakinino station Khimki/West followed by bus departure at 17:00 on Fridays, and 18:15 Monday to Thursday.

Several buses during the day follow from Dolgoprudny Moscow region and arriving on the street of Friendship.

If the route beginning in Moscow and in the city where you need to get to Khimki, there is no train station, it is necessary in any way to reach the Russian capital, where you can catch the bus to the final destination.

How to get to Moscow by car

Moscow has a very developed road network. Because the desired endpoint is bordered by the capital of Russia and the border passes on the Moscow ring road, it becomes very easy to get to Khimki on the car. It is necessary to follow Tverskaya street. After crossing the Third transport ring, it will move to the Leningrad prospectus. Reach the crossroads with Volokolamsk highway, should go right on the Leningrad highway. After crossing MKAD, Khimki will be the first settlement on the way.
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