Replace the wheels. This is the first and most important step in the increased permeability of the Oise. To do this, select the tire with the outer diameter 31, 33 or 35 inches. Wheels to do this, replace the 15-inch. They are cheaper and more prevalent in the market. The model and the tread pattern define depending on the purpose of tuning. Select the universal or the category of all terrain tires. In most cases, the price of pleasure will be up to 18000 p for the wheel Assembly.
The second stage tuning smoothly follows from the first. To new wheels did not touch the arches on turns and bumps, guide the Elevator body. To do this, place additional spacers between the frame and the wheel and the arch trim. Everything else, the body lift will also improve the permeability of the Oise. The cost of this stage depends on the level of littuania and most likely will not exceed 15000 p
For holding suspension tuning, install an additional leaf spring and replace the shock absorbers on the more energy-intensive and long stroke. In some cases you will need to install two shock absorbers per wheel. At this stage, get ready to spend about 10,000 p.
Standard bridges of the Oise is either civilian or military (with reducers) or axles of the "Spicer". They all require additional equipment devices for differential locks. These devices can be either enforces or self-locking. If you have no skills and experience with locking differentials, limited slip select option. The average cost of installing the locks would amount to about 20,000 R for the bridge.
On older or budget models UAZ install disc brakes. They are less worn out during the dirt, more safely tolerate the fording, extend the track of the SUV (increasing resistance). It costs 15000 p
To overcome the grave fords and mud baths, seal the neck of the lubrication system, makesup on the crankcase of the engine and ventilation system transmission, transfer case, axles. Install the upper intake – the snorkel. All water-sensitive electrical details set as high as possible. High-voltage wires deliver high quality. The cost of this phase will be from 5000 rubles and above.
Install a more powerful bumper. They may be just a thick tube or a specially purchased option, and the bumper of his own design. Take care of censuring, videotraining (ropes-wires), the thresholds, additional roof rack. Protect important parts of the vehicle floor. Floor plate easy-to-clean aluminum panels. The cost of the work in the most cost-effective option will be 10,000 R.
For the final preparation to overcome the lack of roads get a winch and a Jack of the type "hi-Jack". Install kit auxiliary lights on the roof, the high-performance compressor to adjust tire pressure. With all this, there is a need for two batteries and a more powerful generator. A complete set of such additional equipment will cost 15-50 thousand.
To improve comfort in the cabin of UAZ is possible by installing hinged Windows or electric Windows (it is more difficult and more expensive) as well as tie-hunting of the hatch. Install instead of military seats soft comfortable chairs. Use a steering damper will solve the problem of yaw on the road, and the use of Gura – the issue of heavy steering (especially when installing large and heavy wheels). The steering wheel replace the soft imported model is heated. Installation of pre-heater like a Webasto, which solves the problem of starting the engine in cold weather. For longer trips, provide system navigation and communication, for hunting – stands and mounts for weapons. The cost of this phase is determined only by the owner of the Oise.