Body lift is performed using spacers between the body and the frame. From all existing types of aluminum reducers have the optimal balance between quality and price. Their main advantage is strength and rigidity of the body mounting to the frame. Large assortment of aluminum spacers are produced by foreign companies for all types of SUVs. They all have high quality workmanship and perfect for UAZ.
When you install spacers between the frame and body will need to trim the fenders and wheel arches. Also install the side splash guards to protect the glass from flying from the wheels of mud. Problems with the cables, lines and steering are solved easy. Depending on the kind of spacers, the distance from the chassis to the frame will be increased by 40-80 mm. In combination with the larger diameter wheels, the ground clearance will increase by 50-150 mm.
The suspension lift allows for more significantly increase throughput, but will increase the center of gravity of the Oise, which will make the SUV more dangerous in motion. When choosing the height of the liftunit of the suspension balance between increased permeability and the increased risk of tipping over. It is important to consider limiting angle of the drive shafts, to which they retain their capacity. Also note that the greater the angle of inclination of the propeller shaft, the more it wears out.
To combat the increased risk of rollover extend a track wheel spacers, wider tires, wheels with a negative departure and/or replacement of bridges on the "bars" or "spicey". Install disc brakes that widen the track by 40-50 mm. to get rid of the problem of the limit angle of the drive shafts, install extra-long shafts, spacers between flanges Kardanov and bridges or increase the length of the drive shaft with its balancing.
Select the method to liftthe suspension hardware depending on what height you wish to receive. Low height of the liftunit, simply add the leaves, or replace the springs the other, with a large number of sheets, or install a longer earring springs. An easy and practical way – install shims between the axles and springs. Another option – install spacers in the mounting brackets of springs. Both of the latter option is often used UAZ-"loaf" because of the possibility of liftacce at various heights and due to the preservation of the native parts.
Note that for a successful off-road suspension needs to be more energy intensive, in order to better ensure the contact of the wheels with the ground. Wrong way or the wrong technology liftunit can make the suspension very stiff.
For liftunit front suspension Oise install shims between the springs and support cups chassis. Or install a longer spring. In this case, consider changing the angle of the levers. The more this angle changes, the worse will be the handling and response of the SUV on the obstacles. To combat this, move the mounting brackets levers.
It is reasonable to combine the body lift with the liftω of the suspension. A budget and simple solutions make for Oise 50-70 mm body liftand same liftand suspension. Perhaps the higher settings, but their complexity and cost is much higher.