You will need
  • - portable lamp;
  • - ohmmeter
Take a portable lamp, it will help to check the breakdown of the capacitor to ground. Disconnect the wire of the capacitor and wire the ignition coil from the clip circuit breaker, and plug a portable lamp. The capacitor is faulty if the lamp comes on when the ignition is on. To reduce the erosion of the breaker contacts and raising the secondary voltage and parallel connected capacitor. When they open, when the clearance is minimal, a spark and is charging the capacitor. Each ignition system is equipped with its condenser. Usually the capacity is in the range of 0,17—0,35 UF. For automobiles it is in the range 0,20—0,25 mkF. The deviation in the capacitance of the capacitor gives a reduction of the secondary voltage. When it is charging and discharging it does not exceed 5 kV.
Disconnect the clamp on the breaker black wire that goes from ignition coil, disconnect the circuit breaker from the leads of the capacitor. They touch each other. Turn on the ignition. When you see the sparks between the ends of the wires will indicate the breakdown of the capacitor. You can also check its serviceability, its charge from the ignition coil high voltage, and then discharge it to ground. If there is spark discharge between the housing and the wire condenser with a distinctive click, it will mean that he is OK. If after charging no spark, then the capacitor is leaking current.
Disconnect the condenser and crank engine. The characteristic symptom of the capacitor is excessive arcing between the breaker contacts during starting of the engine. Therefore, the appearance of a very weak spark between ground and the Central high-voltage wire and is strong enough arcing of the contact breaker capacitor broken and requires replacement.
Take an ohmmeter. Connect the output capacitor with its case for his discharge. Connect one probe of the ohmmeter to the tip wire, and the second housing (switch the ohmmeter to the upper limit of measurement). If the capacitor is OK, the arrow is deflected sharply in the direction of "0", then slowly return to the symbol "∞". When you change the polarity, arrow more is deflected to "zero." Broken replace the capacitor.