You will need
  • - the battery;
  • - multimeter.
Connect the probe of the tester to the battery: connect in parallel: plus to plus and minus to minus. Next, install the switch kind of works for values of "Amps – DC". To check the batteries, do not use position "volts".
To test battery voltage enable pull-up resistor. In the case when the tester is included in the voltage measurement, there will be a significant input impedance. And then the battery (almost no load) will show almost full or full voltage, for example, 1.5 volts. If it is faulty/unfit, when it is installed in any device, the voltage immediately starts to decline.
Set the switch kind of works on the tester in a mode of constant current (amps) at the maximum limit. On the multimeter, this mode will be called "test Mode DC voltage". Lock the battery for half a second, so you have time to fix the readings. Longer to keep it not worth it, it can cause a short circuit and adversely affect the operation of the power supply. Read the current device to determine the suitability of the batteries.
Draw conclusions about the health of the battery pack after the voltage measuring by the following characteristics. Current dvenadcatiletnih batteries shall be not less than two and a half amps, cheap finger show the result of 2-2,5 A, and those that are more expensive, for example, Duracell or Energizer, should show not less than 4-4,5 A.
If the measurement result is less than one amp, do not throw them away, use such instances in the remote control of media players or TVs. Also, remember that battery voltage is half a volt, and the battery is 1.2.