Advice 1: How to determine polarity of electrolytic capacitor

Electrolytic capacitor is an unusual electronic component that combines the properties of a passive element and a semiconductor device. Unlike a conventional capacitor, it is a polar element.
How to determine polarity of electrolytic capacitor
Electrolytic capacitors have domestic production, the findings of which are arranged radially or axially, to determine the polarity of the way the plus sign located on the body. One of the conclusions is closer to where it is located, is positive. Similarly marked and some of the old capacitors in the Czech Republic.
Capacitors coaxial design where the housing is designed for connection to the chassis; usually designed for use in filters, the anode voltage of devices formed on the lamps. Since it is positive, negative lining them in most cases placed on the body and zero on the Central contact. But to this rule there may be exceptions, so in case of any doubt look at the unit marking (marking of plus or minus sign) or, if not, check the polarity in the manner described below.
A special case occurs when testing electrolytic capacitors of the type K50-16. Such a device has a plastic bottom, and marking the polarity of charge placed on it. Sometimes the signs of plus and minus buttons located in such a way that insights is passing right through their centers.
Capacitor legacy THAT the uninitiated may assume the diode. Usually the polarity on his body indicated in the way described in step 1. In the absence of labeling know that the conclusion is a thickening of the body, is connected to the positive electrode. In any case, do not disassemble these capacitors - they contain toxic substances!
The polarity of modern electrolytic capacitors are imported, regardless of their design, define a band near the negative terminal. It is applied in a color contrasting to the color of the body, and is intermittent, i.e., as it consists of minuses.
To determine the polarity of the capacitor are not marked, assemble the circuit consisting of a DC voltage source of several volts, a resistor of one kilo Ohm and the ammeter connected in series. Fully discharge the device, and only then turn to the circuit. After full charge read the readings. Then disconnect the capacitor from the circuit, again fully discharge turn on circuit, wait for full charge and read the new evidence. Compare them with the previous one. When connected in the correct polarity leakage is much smaller.
Fully discharge the capacitor before checking and touching his conclusions. When you build or repair structures always install the device only in the correct polarity, otherwise disconnect.

Advice 2: How to determine the polarity of the battery

In the automobile sold of lead-acid batteries direct (they are all domestic cars) and reverse polarity (installed on some machines of foreign production). Before buying a battery, it is necessary to accurately determine its polarity.
How to determine the polarity of the battery
You will need
  • Voltmeter
The service life of any battery is limited and is usually not more than five years. After the allotted time, there comes a time replacement unit. And if owners of cars of a domestic production the problem is to select the appropriate battery capacity and give preference to a particular brand, then the owners of imported cars need to find out before purchasing the polarity of the battery.
To achieve this task, the battery is removed from the battery socket and is positioned in such a way that by visual inspection from above its terminals must be at the bottom. Please note that one of them is a little thinner than the other (it is negative).
If the negative terminal is located on the accumulator on the left (bottom), the battery reverse polarity.
In cases where a thinner terminal on the right battery polarity.
To finally verify the correctness of the polarity of the battery, reconnect the voltmeter. The red probe of the device removes the voltage from the large terminal and the black thin. The reading on the scale without the minus sign confirms the studied parameters of the battery.
Install the battery by improper polarity in the car face the fact that its terminals are not be able to attach the cables.

Advice 3: Definition of personality type by favorite color

Doctors and psycho-physiologists have long paid attention to the fact that a particular color is the same effect on all people. For example, red has a stimulating effect, unsettling purple, blue calming, and green creates a sense of stability in life.
Definition of personality type by favorite color

The most famous expert who has been studying the effects of colors on the mental state of people Max Luscher. He identified four psycho people based on their color preferences.

Color personality types

Red psycho

People who prefer the red, very active, they can be compared with the "eternal engine". They usually are constantly in the excitement and love that state. In the result of the stress they often feel nervous exhaustion and irritation.

Yellow psycho

People of this type is very important in their personal freedom and opportunities for self-actualization. They love experiments, let us not fear changes in life. Because of their independence they often feel insufficiently loved and lost.

Blue psycho

For these people very important in my life is the relaxed pace of life, they love the peace and tranquility. Due to the fact that they prefer "straight existence", without surprises and unplanned actions, these people are often bored and feel alienated being around people who love them.

Green psycho

People of this temperament are fond of to manage the situation and themselves. They calculate in advance the developments, you know, what they want and they are ready to give. Spontaneity is not included in the list of their qualities. For these people it is important how they look in the eyes of others and they will use this opportunity to raise their status.

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