Advice 1: How to find the charge of the capacitor

In engineering and physics problems sometimes you need to find the charge of the capacitor. Direct measurement of the chargeand capacitor – the task is quite time consuming. Therefore, in practice, there are more affordable ways of finding the charge ofa capacitor.
How to find the charge of the capacitor
You will need
  • capacitor, voltmeter
To find the charge of the capacitorconnected to the DC voltage source, multiply the capacity of the capacitor to the voltage value, i.e. use the formula:
Q=UC, where:
Q – the charge of the capacitor, in coulombs,
U is the voltage source voltage, in volts,
C is the capacitance of the capacitor, in farads.
Note that the above formula determines the amount of the chargeand a fully charged capacitor. But as chargeka of the capacitor is fast enough, then practice using this pattern.
The supply voltage can be measured with a voltmeter. To do this, switch the mode to measure DC voltage and connect the terminals of the device to the power source. Record the readings in volts.
To know the capacity of the condenser can read the markings on its body. Note that the unit of capacitance Farad (f) is very large, so in practice is rarely used. To denote capacitors are used in smaller units. This MFD (UF), equal to one millionth Farad and picofarad (pF), equal to one millionth of a microfarad.
1 µf=10-6 f 1 pF = 10-12 F.
Sometimes used and the intermediate unit capacity – nanofarad equal to one billionth of a Farad.
1 nF = 10-9 F.
If the capacitor is small, the capacity is indicated using callouts.
Carefully read the label of the capacitor, paying attention to its color.If the condenser are just two digits, it is his capacity in picofarads.
For example, the inscription of "60" would mean a capacity of 60 pF.
If the capacitor has one uppercase letter or number, then find in the table below, the numeric znacheniya 1.0 I R Y 1.8 3.3 5.6
B J S 1.1 2.0 3.6 6.2 Z
C K T 1.2 2.2 3.9 6.8 3
D 1.3 L 2.4 V 4.3 4 7.5
E 1.5 N 2.7 W 4.7 7 8.2
H O 1.6 3.0 5.1 9.1 X 9 and, depending on the color of the capacitor, multiply it by the corresponding multiplier:Black - 1
Black - 10
Green - 100
Blue - 1.000
Purple - 10.000
Red - 100.000 Example:
H on the orange capacitor is 1.6 * 1 = 1,6 pF
E on the green capacitor is 1.5 * 100 = 150 pF
9 on the blue capacitor and 9.1 * 1000 = 9100 pF
If the capacitor is found the inscription, consisting of one capital letter and standing next to the numbers, then find the table below as appropriate (the letter) numeric value, and multiply it by 10 to the extent that is specified after the letter.A 10 G 18 N 33 U 56
B 11 H 20 P 36 V 62
C 12 Q J 22 W 39 68
D 13 K 24 R 43 X 75
E L S 15 27 47 82 Y
F 16 M 30 T 51 Z 91Например:
B1 - 11 * (10) = 110 pF
F3 - 16 * (10*10*10) = 16 000 pF=16нФ=0,016 UF

Advice 2: How to find the capacitance of the capacitor

In order to know whether it is possible to use in a particular location diagram condenser should determine its capacity. A method of finding this option depends on how it is marked on the capacitor and marked, if at all.
How to find the capacitance of the capacitor
You will need
  • Capacitance meter
Large capacitors capacity is usually indicated in plain text: 0,25 µf or uF 15. In this case, the method of its determination is trivial.
For the smaller condensers (including SMD) capacitance is indicated by two or three digits. In the first case, it is marked in picofarads. In the second case the first two digits stand for capacitance, and the third in what units it is expressed:1 - tens of picofarads;
2 - hundreds of picofarads;
3 - nanofarad;
4 - tens of nanofarads;
5 - tenths of a microfarad.
There is also a notation of the capacity using the combination of Latin letters and numbers. The letters represent the following numbers:A - 10;
B - 11;
C - 12;
D - 13;
E - 15;
F - 16;
G - 18;
H - 20;
J - 22;
K - 24;
L - 27;
M - 30;
N - 33;
P - 36;
Q - 39;
R - 43;
S - 47;
T - 51;
U - 56;
V - 62;
W - 68;
X - 75;
Y - 82;
Z - 91.The resulting number should be multiplied by the number 10, previously raised to the power equal to the number following the letters. The result is expressed in picofarads.
There are capacitors, the capacity of which is not marked at all. You must have met them, particularly in the starters of fluorescent lamps. In this case, to measure the capacity only by a special device. They are digital and overhead.In any case, if the capacitor is soldered to a device, it should be switched off, discharged the filter capacitors and the capacitor, the capacitance of which is measured, and then desoldering it. Then it must be connected to the device.Digital meter first, choose the rough limit, then switch it until then, until it shows overload. After that, the switch is transferred to one limit back and read the testimony, and the switch position determines what units they are expressed.On the bridge the meter, sequentially switching the limits on each of them scroll the slider from one end of the scale to another until the sound from the speaker will not disappear. Having achieved the disappearance of sound on a scale controller read the result, and the units in which it is expressed, is also determined by the position of the switch.Then set the capacitor back into the device.
Never connect the meter to a charged capacitor.

Advice 3: Why you need a capacitor in Minecraft

Many gamers, even just starting to learn the wisdom of Minecraft, in particular, the different circuits in it, sometimes I wonder, why do they need a capacitor. Such detail comes across in the gameplay infrequently, and because its purpose is unclear. Meanwhile, the simple answer to the above question is no.
The capacitors in the game are different

A comparator as a replacement for the capacitor in a normal game

In the normal (no plugins or mods) version of Minecraft is no such thing as a capacitor, does not exist. Rather, the device performing its function there, but called something completely different - comparator. Some confusion in this respect occurred in the period of development of such a device. First - in November 2012 - representatives of Mojang (the company behind the game) announced the imminent appearance in the gameplay of the capacitor. However, a month later they voted that as such this device will not, and instead the game will be a comparator.

A similar device exists for verification of occupancy behind it containers. These may be the trunks (including in the form of traps), the brewing stands, dispensers, extractors, furnaces, hoppers, etc.

In addition, it is often used to compare two signals of Redstone in between them - he gives the result in accordance with the way it was programmed in the chain and which mode is selected for the mechanism. In particular, the comparator can allow the ignition of the torch, if the first signal is greater than or equal to another.

Also sometimes the capacitor in the comparator is installed next to the player by connecting its input to the latter. When the audio device is playing any record, the above device will produce a signal equal in strength to the ordinal number of the disk.

Crafted this comparator is simple, if there is enough hard to obtain resource - a hell of quartz. It should be placed in the Central slot of a workbench, above and on sides set of three red torch, and in the bottom row - the same amount of stone blocks.

Capacitors are found in different mods for Minecraft

In a large number of mods across the capacitors having a different purpose. For example, in Galacticraft where gamers have the opportunity to fly to many planets to explore local realities, there is the crafting recipe of the oxygen condenser. It serves to create mechanisms like the collector and storage of gas for breathing, and the air-lock. To manufacture four steel plates are placed at the corners of the workbench, in the centre - a tin canister, and under it - the air. The other three cells is a plate of tin.

In JurassiCraft there is a flux capacitor - a teleport to move into the amazing game world full of dinosaurs. To create such a device should be placed in two outer vertical rows of six iron ingots, and in the middle two of the diamond and between the unit of Redstone dust. In order for the device to work, you have to put it on a pig or a trolley, and then click the right mouse button, quickly leaping back. This requires maintaining a high-speed device.

With the mod Industrial Craft2 have the opportunity to create at least two thermal capacitors - red and lapis lazuli. They serve solely to cool the nuclear reactor and to accumulate his energy and good for cyclic structures of this type. We chill they, respectively, red dust or lapis lazuli.

Red telecommunicator is made from seven pieces of Redstone dust - they must be installed in the form of the letter P and place underneath the heat sink and the heat exchanger. Crafting is the same lapis lazuli device a little more complicated. To create four pieces of Redstone dust are placed at the corners of the machine, the center will block of lapis lazuli, on either side of him two red thermal capacitor, the top heat sink of the reactor, and the bottom - its the same heat exchanger.

In ThaumCraft, with a focus on real witchcraft, capacitors are also used. For example, one crystal is for the accumulation and impact of magic. And, interestingly, to create it and many other things allowed only after studying one particular element of gameplay - studies conducted at a special table with certain devices.

Is the condenser of the eight dim fragments in the center of which is placed on the workbench mystic wood block. Unfortunately, this device - as well as his constituents lasted only until ThaumCraft 3, and the fourth version of the mod was abolished.
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