For this you need to make sure that the spark plugs produce the spark, by means of which the ignition of the fuel mixture in the engine cylinder. If one or more candles give a weak spark is red or uneven appearance, you need to pay attention to the work distributor, which is also called the distributor (from the French "trembleur" which means "breaker").

The new models of cars instead of the mechanical distributor is an electronic switch that in the event of failure changes as a whole. To discover the cause of the unstable operation of the distributor, it is necessary to remove the cover, which is made of hard rubber. In the lid during operation can cause micro cracks, which enters the dust and dirt that causes breakouts in the electric circuit, and a voltage is supplied to the spark plug. After inspection cover need to pay attention to the gap between the breaker contacts. You should also check the condenser in the distributor. If the gaps are normal, but when there is a strong sparking, then the problem is in the condenser. To test it you will need an ammeter.

If you connect the device to the pins, turn the ignition on and hand break contacts in the timer. Observe the indication arrows of the ammeter. If the arrow or the numeric value on the screen closer to zero position, discharge 2-4A, there is a fault in the capacitor and should be replaced.

You can also check the capacitor on their own, when there is suspicion of breakdown to ground. This will require a portable automobile light bulb. First you need to disconnect the wire of the ignition coil along with the condenser wire from the clip circuit breaker and to connect thereto a portable light bulb. At ignition on the lamp should not illuminate. If it burns, it says that the capacitor is defective.

There is another capacitor in the ignition system of the vehicle. It is located in the generator and is designed to reduce interference in the radio. Motorists older remember the radios in the cars reacted to a loud noise on passing trucks and old cars. Today, all generators are mandatory equipped with a condenser.