You will need
  • capacitor,
  • - cut insulated wiring – 1 m
To eliminate these problems, it is recommended to plug in the power supply circuit audio system additional capacitor. And if you continue operation, ignoring the occurring phenomena, without additional capacity, this may cause damage to the devices audio playback.
You must remember that a capacitor has the ability to smooth out short-term voltage drops in the supply circuits of radio equipment designed for installation in a vehicle and operating with maximum volume.
The calculation capacity of the electrolytic capacitorand required to be included in the power supply circuit of car audio system is made according to the formula: 1 kWh = 1 farád.
That is, if the low frequency amplifier has an output power of 500 watts, this would require a capacitorwhose capacitance is 0.5 f. However, perhaps a doubling of capacity, which is welcomed by the professionals in car audio.
Before connecting the capacitorand it must first be charged, and only after that, he charged, included in the circuit of the power amplifier. The shorter will be the wires when connecting the capacitorand the better. Do not forget to observe polarity when sealing the wires to the radio.
The electrolytic capacitorincluded in the power supply system car audio, car owner provides high-quality sound, but also prevents possible damage of your speakers.