To determine the capacity of the battery you need to purchase a special device or ask it from their friends. Then proceed as follows. Fully charge the battery, and then using the current, use it. Note the time during which it will discharge the battery.
Perform a calculation that will allow you to learn the battery capacity. The strength of the current used to discharge the battery, multiply the time spent on her complete devastation. The product of these two quantities is the amount of energy that can contain a battery. Keep in mind, likewise you can determine the capacity of any battery, including car battery and an ordinary battery.
Use another way to know the battery capacity. But note, for this you need a special scheme through which it is possible to discharge the battery through the resistor when the voltage magnitude not exceeding 1 volt. Next, calculate the amperage by the formula:
I = U/R. For registration of the discharge time, use a regular stopwatch or clock.
Be careful using this method. Make sure the battery is not fully depleted. To avoid this, use solid state relays, which can be used to disconnect the battery at precisely the moment when the voltage drops to the minimum mark.
One of the easiest ways to determine the capacity of a battery is the device information is specified on the tag manufacturer. Grab your battery and carefully inspect its surface, which should be displayed all the necessary information for operation of the device. If there is no sticker or it is jammed, follow the operations described above.