Fill in the collective bargaining agreement a clause on the implementation of piecework system of payment of labour. Write all the details, including the types of "piecework", which will practice (direct, indirect, progressive, collective payment, and so on). Also indicate, employees of which departments in your organization can work on a piece-rate system of payment.
Give an Order to change the form of payment of labor on the basis of the Provisions about the payment. There, as in the collective agreement, must indicate the profession or position (or Department name) employees who will be transferred to the piecework system of payment of labour. Specify the date on which the Order comes into force. It needs to be approved by the head of the company personally signed.
Make copies of the Provisions relating to payment and Order on the transition to the new system of payment and acquaint under a list with them of all those employees who will be transferred to a "piecework". According to the Labour code of the Russian Federation only two months after reviewing the documents the employees can begin to receive a salary for the new routine. For those team members that went to work after the issuance of the Order, this rule does not apply.
Execute Orders on new employees, taken on a piece-rate system of payment of labour, the standard Order with the addition of the phrase "to Take a salary under the employment contract" or "Accept with a salary of under staffing". The wording "Form of payment of work - piece" is optional, however, if the employee insists on it, can fit it into the personal Order.