To calculate wages under piece-rate wages, you have a unit rate multiplied by the number of issued employee units. For example, one made door put payment in the amount of 400 rubles. The employee produced for may 22 unit of output. Thus, 400 RUB/units*22 units=8800 RUB.
In the calculation of piece-rate premium based on the rate, but manufactured products in excess of paid above. For example, the same company, only the employee made in excess of the 5 doors. The head of the company found that made in excess of the paid time and a half. Thus, 400 RUB/units*22 units=8800 RUB and 300 RUB./unit*5 units=1500 RUB 8800руб.+1500 RUB=10300 RUB.
When calculating indirect piecework salary is calculated using the percent of earnings working in the unit employees. For example, the plant has produced doors for the sum of 60000 RUB the Head of the shop put 10 % of earnings. Thus, RUB 60000*10%=6000 RUB.