Piece-rate pay involves the calculation of wages based on the number of executed workload and cost per unit of volume. Select which document will be the form: outfit-owner, a route map, statement of accounting, the outfit on piece work, the act of acceptance of work performed, etc. the Unified form of these documents does not exist, so develop them for your business yourself.
Package of essential primary documents determine the type of incentive payment. If it is straight piece-rate, necessary order establishing piece rates for each type of work and the outfit on piece work. For piece-progressive labor payment you'll need, in addition to outfit on piecework, the established piece rates for the work or products that will be produced above the norm. If the form of payment – piecework-bonus, make the outfit piecework and order bonuses.
If an employee is on indirect piecework wage (auxiliary workers and technical staff), then his wage should be in direct relation to how the work accepted by him or under his command, key people, teams or areas. In delivery to accounting in this outfit prepare units to perform specific type of work, the sheet of accounting of working time and wage rate of the primary worker.
Put the order responsibilities for accounting for output workers in each division of your company. Usually, it are masters or foremen. This charge order can be passed on to any other employee.
Generate payroll based on the number completed during the reporting period, work or produced goods and piece rates. Piecework pricing define as the quotient of hour (day) tariff rate established in accordance with the discharge of the work performed, one-hour (day) performance standard. The output rate is the number of products that a given worker having a particular professional qualification must produce per unit of time.