After the interview was successfully completed, the employer and the future employee satisfied all conditions necessary to proceed with the registration. For this we need the following documents: passport, work-book, insurance certificate, certificate of VAT, certificate or diploma, military ID (if available) and other documents provided by the Labor code.
Then, the employee must submit a statement of employment, addressing at the same time the head of the organization. The employer or responsible person shall acquaint the employee with all existing local acts, it could be instructions, regulations and other documents.
After this a labor contract, which spells out all rights and obligations of both parties in relation to each other. Mandatory information in the contract of employment is employee data, details of the organization, salary, job title, working conditions. This document is drawn up in duplicate, one of which is the employer, the second is passed on to the employee.
On the basis of the aforementioned documents, issued an order about the employment of the employee, stating the position, salary and personnel number. Order signed by both parties.
After that an entry about the job in the work book of an employee, as a rule, it should remain the employer at the time of the person. These documents are stored in a safe or under lock and key. Is appointed by the head responsible for the safety work books.
Then with all documents, you must copy them to invest in personal business of the employee. First a personal card (form T - 2). This document is issued separately for each person.
After that, all documents enumerated, filed and formed into a private matter. On the title page, you must specify the employee's name, title, and Department (if it exists).
In that case, if the employee has minor children, he must provide a birth certificate to apply for standard deductions. If a diploma issued on the women's maiden name, you must provide a marriage certificate.
In some cases, for example when applying for a job in catering, required health book. Also a medical report is required when employment of minors, workers who are hired to work in harmful and dangerous working conditions.