Please note: to employ a new employee in the organization can only for the position listed in the staffing table. It is impossible to employ the employee and absent a structural unit.
Before you enable in staffing a new unit, check out estimated number of wage (stipulated in the estimate). In the process of compiling a new list of staff must be specified and the total number of staff units.
Make a new staff list with a registration number that is approved by the order. The order must be justified by the need to introduce new staffing and/or new units. The approved form for such orders no. So the title could be "About the change in staffing," etc. the same order should be, even if schedule changes are not very significant.
Before to enter a new post, write a petition to a higher office (if any). The petition must contain a request for the establishment of a new position. And only then make the order.
Specify in the order, what date you enter a new post, what unit (if it is not, you will have to create it first and make a separate order about its creation) and salary. Familiarize yourself with all the orders of the chief accountant of the organization. Assign responsibility for compliance with the order (usually one of the Deputy Directors).
After the issuance of the order on the introduction of new positions, write job descriptions, which designate the duties of the employee. And only after that you will be able to take a new employee to the position or transfer to it of the employee who is already working in your organization with another post.