Advice 1: How to feed the Scottish lop-eared kitten

Before you bring the kitten home, think about what kind of diet you offer your little pet: "natural" feeding or ready to feed. As a rule, when selling kittens each breeder gives new owners advice on feeding, but some owners for some reason prefer to make their own diets for their Pets. Therefore, these owners of Scottish fold cats, the question arises: how to feed the Scottish lop-eared kitten correctly.
How to feed the Scottish lop-eared kitten
You will need
  • bowls for water and food, feed.
Keep your kitten free access to food and water. Unlike dogs, cats eat frequently and small portions. Your little kitten can approach the bowl of food up to 20-30 times a day. If you decide to feed your Scottish kitten food or canned food exclusively, at least 4 times a day and rotate food in his bowl in the fresh, such as the food disappears very quickly. But if you are feeding dry food, it may be in the bowl constantly.
When natural feeding, every day give your cat meat. It can be beef. Before offering it to your pet, you need to freeze the meat for 3-5 days and give a raw, or slightly boiled. Kittens up to 4 months meat is fed in the form of minced or finely chopped. Poultry (chicken or Turkey) let's just well cooked to avoid Contracting Salmonella. 3 times a week give your pet the offal (both beef and chicken) – liver, heart, lung, kidneys, tripe. Let's just offal in frozen or boiled. Liver let 1 times a week, and only boiled.
Fish to cats can be given only seafood, low-fat types. Before you feed your fish Scot, boil it, free from all bones. Do not give your kitten raw or freshwater fish. Do not abuse the fish, let it 1-2 times a week. At constant eating fish (especially raw), the cat may develop kidney stones.
Milk can give kittens only to three months. Further, the body of many animals is no longer to digest. Before giving the milk, boil it. And it is better to replace milk in dairy products: yogurt or sour cream low-fat. Don't let your kitten cream. Even with the low percentage of fat this product is harmful to the liver of the animal. Also don't let and yogurt – usually they all contain sugar.
A few times a week give your pet a porridge made from rice, cereals, wheat. Cook them in water or milk. If you boil water, porridge, add meat, broth from meat and boiled vegetables, mashed into a puree. In porridge, you can add and egg yolk. If eggs are not home, then be sure to boil them. Grind 1 egg yolk in mashed potatoes and add the porridge.
When natural feeding is not forget about vitamin supplements. Before using any vitamins, consult your veterinarian. Seeing the General condition of the kitten and knowing his diet, the vet will help you choose the best for your pet vitamins.

A good vitamin supplements will be grass. But in any case do not let the grass off the street. Purchase at the pet store special grass for cats and following the instructions proustite her.
If you decide to feed your Scottish fold kitten ready to feed, choose a feed "Premium" or "Super premium" class. Never feed your baby cheap feeds, this could be bad for his health, as in such feed very little meat as such, but a lot of byproducts (up to the skins or feathers) and are not well balanced vitamins. At feeding by ready forages, do not add kitten vitamins – enough of them to feed. Choose food appropriate to the age of your cat.
Don't let your kitten: fried, smoked, salty, spicy foods; chocolate and all sweets containing sugar; duck, goose, game, pork, lamb; any legumes and potatoes.

Advice 2: How to care for Scottish fold kittens

Scottish fold cats are spectacular appearance, health and well-balanced disposition. To let your pet feel well and developed properly, and for a kitten you need to carefully care. Feeding, nurturing and playing with a pet will bring you much fun - the Scots are very sociable and quickly attached to a host.
How to care for Scottish fold kittens

Importantly, food

Taking a kitten from a breeder, ask about the diet of the pet. It is desirable to continue to feed him the usual products in the established regime for at least the first days. This will prevent the animal from indigestion, and from worries about his appetite.

Scottish fold cats are omnivorous - they are not capricious in food and quickly get used to new products. Decide whether you will feed your pet a homemade or industrial food. The last option is preferable - professional food contain a balanced complex of nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed for proper development of the kitten. Up to six months pet is fed canned food and dry pellets for kittens, later they can be transferred to food of adult animals. Keep the animal clean water is especially important if the kitten is eating dry cat food.

If you decide to prepare their own meals, do the animal a mixture of meat products and cereals. Kittens contraindicated fatty meat, cream, processed products, and cured meats. Scottish-foldem do not give a lot of calcium - such as cheese. It is believed that such foods can affect the ears of the animal - instead of lying on the head, sits up.
Do not fertilize pet treats - Scottish fold are prone to overeating, which can lead to fullness and upset stomach.

Feed a kitten three to four times a day. After six months it can be translated to two meals a day.

Good manners

Scottish-folds quickly get used to the rules. Give the animal a comfortable place where he will feel safe. It could be a basket with a soft mattress, couch, or a special cat house. Make sure that the kitten has been scratching post and toys. The little Scot will spend hours playing with the mouse, suspended on elastic or kick a paper ball.
The kitten needs to communicate. Daily play with him, take it on hands, talk. Scottish-fold is very sociable and needs close contact with the owner.

Kittens of this breed are very clean. Choose the most convenient toilet litter and regularly clean it. You can put pet two tray - this is especially useful if you don't get a home for a few hours.

Scottish fold good with kids, cats and other Pets. They very rarely show aggression, maintaining a cheerful disposition until old age. These kittens do not scratch and do not bother meow, they are very balanced and slightly phlegmatic. But for the safety of Pets is to regularly do them a manicure. Trim nails with special clippers for animals, removing only the tip of the plate.

Take care of the fur of the kitten. For a thick fur with a dense undercoat take care with a common comb with rounded teeth. Visivite kitten twice a week - usually animals easily tolerate the procedure. Wash your pet is not worth it. But it is necessary to regularly clean his ears. Cotton swab soaked in special lotion, gently RUB the ear in. If the wool is a noticeable dark brown, show the kitten the vet - maybe the animal was infected with ear mites. Check and eye pet. If they are watering, drip with anti-inflammatory drops, and dirt in the corners of the eyes remove the moist cotton swab.

Advice 3: Caring for a Scottish fold kitten: what you need to know

Pet will be healthy and happy only if you take care of it. So before you get a Scottish fold kitten, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations for its care.
Scottish fold kitten
If you have a Scottish fold kitten, you should ensure that your pet was comfortable. But each breed is special and requires quality care.

Basic rules of care

The most necessary things for a mustached baby will be bowl for food and water, scratching post, toilet, the house or the bed. And of course not be able to do without toys. As for the toilet, the first wash tray is not recommended because kittens are usually guided by the smell. If the Scottish suddenly kitty became confused and the first time went not into the tray, you need to wet a piece of toilet paper and place it in the tray. After that you should put the kitten in the tray and make a digging motion with his paws. Do not wear kitten from room to room, until he can learn to use it.

Hygiene kittens of this breed is to clean their ears, bathe and trim the nails. These procedures are usually conducted as needed. You should purchase a special brush with natural bristles, which is useful for combing wool. Also buy a comb with metal teeth for deeper brushing.

Proper nutrition Scottish kitten

As feed for your small pet, you can use pre-frozen chicken, Turkey or veal. Meat should be boiled and fed in the form of meat. Fish is recommended to give not more than twice a month. by the way, it should be well cleaned from the bones. Also in the diet can safely include porridge with a boiled or raw egg yolk. They are very useful for Scottish kittens. But raw freshwater fish and cream feeding them is strictly prohibited. Milk in its pure form can only be given up to three months. Then it should be replaced with sour cream, natural yoghurt or kefir. In addition, Scottish fold kitten should always have access to fresh drinking water. It is recommended to be changed as often as possible.

What vaccinations should be done?

Approximately ten days before the first vaccination is required to spend and deworming to completely rid a kitten of fleas. At the time of vaccination, the kitten needs to be healthy. The first vaccination should be done in two and a half months. It will help to protect the kitten from caliciviruses infection and viral rhinotracheitis. In this case, can be used vaccine NobivacTricat. Three weeks after the first vaccination is recommended, vaccination with the use of the same drug. Then the kitten will be immune.

When the kitten reaches six months of age, it will be possible to be vaccinated against rabies. Well, before exporting pet to nature be sure to do vaccination against zoster.

Advice 4: How to feed the Scottish fold

You have decided to buy a kitten Scottish fold. This is a touching and important event both for you and for your future pet. He's got another family, and your little friend and loving companion. Undoubtedly, your responsibility for him as a living being is enormous. Proper care, hygiene, walking, all kinds of vaccinations and of course, nutrition is an incomplete list of upcoming trouble.
How to feed the Scottish fold
Include in the diet of your baby low-fat dairy products. By digestibility in the first place are the curds and the kefir from the baby food. More adult cat can be fed cottage cheese 0% fat. But cottage cheese is not get carried away - an excess leads to an increase in the rigidity of the animal and causes the raising of the ears. But soft plush fur and floppy ears are the main characteristics of the breed of your pet. Whole milk is better not to give at all, it causes in kittens diarrhea.
Remember that the kitten in a separate bowl should always be clean water.
How to feed the Scottish fold
Feed your growing kitten lean meat, such as lean lamb, rabbit, chicken. Before use, boil the meat with boiling water or bring to boil and let cool. So you can be sure of the safety of the product. And eliminate the pork meat as it can lead to fatal diseases of your pet. Also offer your baby boiled offal. But remember that they need not give more than 1 time a week. Buy fish only marine and before feeding your pet, boiled it and liberate from the bones.
Don't let the kitten bones from birds, because they are sharp and can damage the wall of the gastrointestinal tract.
Be sure to cook the cat porridge and boiled vegetables. They contain all the beneficial vitamins and minerals. Add the vegetables vegetable oil for best absorption.
And do not overfeed your pet, because overweight cats can lead to serious health problems.
How to feed the Scottish fold
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