First, decide what food you will feed your pet. Kittens and adult cats it is possible to do one dry food, enough to provide them with the necessary amount of drinking water. If you decide to buy only food in pellets problems with its storing to not be. Dry animal feed can be a long time to be on the air in the bowl and their quality is absolutely not affected. Ensure that the pellets of dry food is not in contact with water or moist food is not swelled – their taste and properties from this immediately sharply reduced and the cat can refuse such treats.
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Ensure dry food is stored in tightly closed package or container. Producers of food for cats, as a rule, make special packaging with reusable clasps below attractive flavor and some nutrients does not erode and does not dampen. If you buy dry food in bulk, make sure that the package in which it resides, has always been tightly closed.
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Have wet food for cats the features. Though in the store it is sold at room temperature, after opening it for a long time can not be stored. If you get the paste or wet the slices in the sauce for a little kitten or your cat receives a food only in the form of food, be sure to tightly close the packaging and store it in the refrigerator. Also, be careful that the cat immediately ate the entire portion of wet food and he was left in the bowl for a long time, this can lead to the formation of a large number of bacteria and spoilage.
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