Meat in the diet of the domestic cat

как содержать енота в квартире
Of course, to give the cat, albeit homemade, raw meat. Just keep in mind that the meat you buy in the store and even on the market, can in large quantities to contain antibiotics and hormones that animals are fed on farms, besides, is not excluded and the risk of Contracting worms. You will not help the long-term storage of meat in the freezer – some pathogens of deadly diseases retain their vitality even in such extreme conditions.

If you want to pamper your pet, feed it should be beef or veal, you can give the bird and the rabbit. Fatty meat, especially pork, cats are contraindicated, it is in any form will cause digestive disorders. But the offal: heart, lung, liver, stomach and kidneys should be the diet of the animal is necessary.
When you are unsure of the quality of meat or offal, before giving them to the cat, cut them into smaller pieces and drop in boiling water for 5 minutes, but no longer to the nutritional value of the product was saved.

How to cook a cat raw meat

клички енотов
To the cat food was complete and proper and without the use of industrial feed, you can prepare the food with vitamin and mineral supplements at home. This food can be cooked with the stock and store in the freezer, its valuable food qualities, he will not lose.

Take 2 kg of raw meat – chicken necks, dark meat (thighs and drumsticks) rabbit, Turkey, chicken, you can use the whole carcass. Well, if here you will be able to add 400 g heart 200 g liver of the same animal. If not, replace the heart, add the 4000 mg taurine, an essential amino acid which is sold in the pharmacy, and the liver – adding 40,000 IU of vitamin A and 1600 IU of vitamin D. If you use vitamins and taurine, do not forget to increase the amount of meat 400 g instead of hearts and 200 g – instead of the liver.
In food you can add a quarter teaspoon of seaweed: kelp and red algae, and 8 teaspoons of psyllium. You could buy at the pharmacy.

Cut the meat from the bones, cut into small pieces, so that the animal couldn't swallow at once, and chewed. Bones twisted in a meat grinder and mix with meat. Beat in minced 4 egg yolks and pour in 2 cups of boiled water, mix well. Add 40 g in the resulting mass fish oil 200 mg vitamin b complex and 800 mg of vitamin E, which can be bought at the pharmacy in dry form or in the form of capsules. Mix, divide into portions, place in bags and put in the freezer.