You will need
  • is a special milk for kittens;
  • - yogurt;
  • - pure water;
  • - dry food for kittens;
  • - finely chopped meat;
  • - cheese.
Little kittens (1-2 months) it is not desirable to teach it to dry food. But if the owners decide to start feeding with this product "drying" you must prepare. Food should be soaked in a special milk for kittens with a low content of lactose (sold in stores for animals), low-fat yogurt, broth or water. The resulting slurry can be mixed with cold food (meat).
The stomach and intestines in young kittens are very delicate and sensitive, so solid dry food can lead to microtrauma of the mucous membrane. Dry food should not just pour warm liquid, and to wait, until it will absorb it and swell. Then with a fork you can make a kind of porridge-mashed kitten.
To the kitten faster started her on solid food, the cat lactation should be fed the same food that you plan to transfer the baby. At this age you should not give your pet only dry food, you need to alternate this food with finely chopped meat, poultry, and fish fillets.
Since one and a half months, dry food for the kitten to gradually dilute smaller amounts of liquid and do not mix it with softer food. The transition should be smooth, dry food in its pure form without mixing water the kitten without fear, you can give only three months.
To two months the kitten needs to go completely on solid foods. At 2-3 months of age, taste preferences are formed, so accustomed to dry feed Pets, it is desirable at this age. At this time, the kittens are still small stomach, but they do not feel saturation, so I can decide exactly how much they have, it is best to give them food in small portions four times a day. Pets that are fed dry food are especially in need of access to clean water.
In 3-6 months kittens start to change your teeth, so in this period, dry food is the most useful, it will help temporary teeth fall out faster and will contribute to the development of the masticatory muscles. Together with dry food to a kitten you can give boiled chicken, meat, fish and cheese. In a high-quality dry food contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals, but if it is not the main food, you can optionally give the kitten special vitamin supplements.
6-12 month kittens continue to grow, but feed them is already possible in the same way as adult animals. It should be noted that the milk giving Pets desirable at any age, it can lead to indigestion. The grown animals to better diversify the food and not translate immediately and completely on dry food. Food itself should be of high quality, it is advisable to choose a product designed specifically for kittens.