Do not take the British kitten from the mother before 2-3 months from the moment of his birth. Be prepared for the fact that the kitten is restless treat "home". Most likely, when he gets to your house, then hammered for a few hours under the bed or in another place. Don't get him out of there by force, or better put near the tray, and a bowl of food and water.
British cats are very quickly gaining weight, so follow the diet of small pet. If from an early age, you were fed it finished feed for kittens, 4 weeks, start to feed homemade food. It contains 10% cream, mixed with boiled egg yolk, soft cheese, small pieces of beef or white meat chicken. Do not give your pet raw pork, and milk is better to substitute low-fat sour cream or fermented baked milk. In the troughs should always be clean water.
Kittens of this breed often accumulate secretions in the corners of the eyes, which should be removed. To do this, buy cotton buds and a special solution, which is sold in the pet store. Instead you can use warm boiled water. Soaked wand clean the corners of the eyes, nose and ears as needed. To clean ears, use a cotton swab lubricated with vaseline or liquid paraffin (no deeper than 1 cm). Don't forget to show the kitten to a veterinarian for disease prevention.
British cats are Shorthair, so they often bathe them not sure. But learn to swim from early age. Wait a few weeks until the kitten is settled in the new house. Then enter in the bath with warm water (37 degrees) and lightly moisten the fur. If the kitten runs away, do not bathe him forcibly. From time to time to moisten his hair, and then bathe completely. In any case it is impossible to wet the ears and eyes of the kitten. Remember that for people and cats there are different shampoos.
Visivite kitten with a wire brush 1-2 times a month. The same time trim its nails. To do this, buy a special scissors – nail clipper. Do not expect that the kitten will enjoy this procedure, so before you start, sit the baby on his lap and reassure him, stroking. Then hold each foot, and press lightly on the pad and cut no more than 2-3 mm claw. So the cat has sharpened claws on the new sofa, buy him a scratching post.