A strong body and spirit

Today, law schools recruit girls into the ranks of cadets and students. The girls are not reduced demand. They, along with young men undergo basic training (KMB) before you take the oath. Also study all subjects in their specialization. Go to the training grounds to conduct shooting exercises and tactical training, learn martial arts, self-defense techniques and capture. Also intrudes on daily outfits. But not every young man to cope with the responsibilities in such circumstances.

Anyone working girl

Women can be found in various police departments. This investigation Department, employing interrogators and investigators, and criminal investigation, which often gets the positions of detective or forensics, private security, and precinct workers. There are women in the traffic police in the position of inspector or patrol guard. In inspection on Affairs of minors work mostly women. The universities of the Federal penitentiary service serves women guards, guards in the women's and juvenile colonies.

In addition, many women serve in administrative positions:

- division for the execution of the administrative legislation;
- Department of information technology, communications and protection of information;
- the direction of the office and the mode.

Career growth

Often, he entered the service as Lieutenant (subject to the graduation of the interior Ministry), pretty soon women are not in positions of ordinary employees and assistant Manager or themselves become leaders. This is due to the fact that women who chose their profession to serve the people and the country, gives himself entirely to the profession, showing the wonders of efficiency. The police are of the fair sex even in the rank of General.

However, we must remember that, joining the structural units of the police, the woman condemns himself to work weekends (if required by conditions) at any time of the day. For this reason, in 2-3 years when romance goes, serving people remain loyal only to his profession girl, the pride of the whole country.