To sign up for an interview should be as proposed in most jobs. Usually after the description of the duties in the job, the employer specifies the coordinates on which I can contact him. For example: "call this phone in working hours or send resume to our email and if your candidate is suitable, we'll call you back".
If you are looking for work via the Internet on the popular employment portals like Raboty, HeadHunter, SuperJob, the first step is the pressing of opposite attractive jobs button "send resume/respond". Then follow the responses of employers in your personal account on these websites. There may come a response from the specialist personnel service: "Your summary seemed interesting to us, please call us for recording on the interview". Then you find in the job description contact number, service personnel and call.
Call for writing on a job interview is the first "acquaintance" with a potential employer. Prepare in advance for the conversation. You may have time for a short period of time of the telephone conversation test. Mentally prepare answers to questions like: "what got you interested in this vacancy?", "What do you know about our company?", "Tell us about yourself: where you worked, what you can do?". Here the main thing not to get lost, feel free to answer, probably incorrect questions. Avoid long pauses in the conversation, speak clearly and confidently. Once you have determined the date and time of the interview, ask about directions to the organization. You have a good chance to get first hand, the shortest and most convenient route of travel to your future place of work.