Include in the diet of your baby low-fat dairy products. By digestibility in the first place are the curds and the kefir from the baby food. More adult cat can be fed cottage cheese 0% fat. But cottage cheese is not get carried away - an excess leads to an increase in the rigidity of the animal and causes the raising of the ears. But soft plush fur and floppy ears are the main characteristics of the breed of your pet. Whole milk is better not to give at all, it causes in kittens diarrhea.
как случить кошку с котом
Remember that the kitten in a separate bowl should always be clean water.
How to feed the Scottish fold
Feed your growing kitten lean meat, such as lean lamb, rabbit, chicken. Before use, boil the meat with boiling water or bring to boil and let cool. So you can be sure of the safety of the product. And eliminate the pork meat as it can lead to fatal diseases of your pet. Also offer your baby boiled offal. But remember that they need not give more than 1 time a week. Buy fish only marine and before feeding your pet, boiled it and liberate from the bones.
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Don't let the kitten bones from birds, because they are sharp and can damage the wall of the gastrointestinal tract.
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Be sure to cook the cat porridge and boiled vegetables. They contain all the beneficial vitamins and minerals. Add the vegetables vegetable oil for best absorption.
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And do not overfeed your pet, because overweight cats can lead to serious health problems.
How to feed the Scottish fold