Production of adrenaline is stimulated in situations of imminent danger, when a person experiences fear and anxiety, as well as under stress. First of all, to the extent possible, such situations should go out and eliminate the threat to cut off the source of anxiety, abstract. Remember: if the long-term adrenaline is produced in large amounts, the adrenal medulla is depleted, which in the end may even lead to the death of a person
Often the development of excess adrenaline contribute too much saturated everyday work. Take a day off.
To "reset" developed adrenaline, do a series of physical exercises. In this case, well any movement: running, swimming, exercises at the gym.
Avoid strong emotions, not get into an argument, step back from the hustle and bustle, refrain from any adventure.
Take a harmless anti-anxiety medications, such as tincture of motherwort and Valerian.
A calming effect on the nervous system has a contemplative walk in the fresh air when you are emotionally involved in what is happening, and act as an observer.
Listen to soothing, melodic music, preferably the classics, positive impact on the human body proven by scientists.
In order not to excite the nervous system, dull the bright light.
Do relaxation exercises, for example:

- lying on back, bend legs, feet resting on the floor. Relaxed legs will "drop" right, then left and so a few times;
- stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Bend forward, torso, and hands the maximum relax, shake your body from side to side;
- take the "Lotus position," close your eyes, hands put on knees. Do light tilts forward.
Those who are familiar with yoga, it can be advisable to perform a few asanas, contributing to the restoration of peace and inner focus.
Well proven breathing exercises with which you can quickly adjust your body to rest, for example, breathing exercises of A. N. Strelnikova.
Take a warm bath. In the water add a few drops of essential oils, active relaxing: lavender, Melissa, cypress, and rosewood.
Adjust your diet to decrease the use of sugar and other sweets.
It is worth mentioning that there are medicines, which are aimed at lowering the level of adrenaline in the blood, however, taking them only after consulting a doctor.