You will need
  • - blood levels of cortisol;
  • - consultation of the endocrinologist;
  • - a full medical examination.
Normal amount of hormone is the performance from 135 to 636 nmol/l If the hormone levels are elevated, this may indicate many serious diseases. In particular the increase of cortisol may be associated with pregnancy, adenoma or cancer of the adrenal glands, pituitary adenoma, polycystic ovary disease, hypothyroidism, obesity, depression, AIDS, liver cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus.
In connection with such serious diseases, with an increased level of the hormone need to undergo a full medical examination, to consult the endocrinologist and the appropriate treatment. In some cases, increased hormone levels can be the consequence of taking certain drugs. Increase cortisol contraceptives, opiates, atropine, glukokortikoida, estrogens. Therefore, the endocrinologist needs to warn about all the medicines you are taking.
Low levels of cortisol may be a consequence of insufficient work of the pituitary gland, failure of the adrenal cortex, reduced levels of certain hormones. Also reduced levels of the hormone due to liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, Addison's disease and rapid weight loss. Barbiturates decrease the hormone cortisol.
Again I want to repeat, assign any products to reduce or increase the level of cortisol, endocrinologist after a complete medical examination and on the basis of it.
To reduce cortisol, avoid stress, take vitamin C at a dose of 3 mg. Remove the cause of depression if it is diagnosed, and sleep more, give up Smoking, caffeine containing beverages, eat less, walk more, meditate, practice yoga, get married. Have a cortisol level lower than the idle comrades. Family life leads to the normalization of stress hormone, despite the turmoil. It is worth noting that uncontrolled lower levels of cortisol may lead to a sharp drop in testosterone, which is not very pleasing to both sexes, as well as various hormonal disruptions in the body. Therefore, as indicated above, to appoint any chemical drugs can only endocrinologist.