You will need
  • - hormonal pills;
  • - mint;
  • red root or St. John's wort;
  • - caffeine.
Refer to the gynecologist or endocrinologist. The specialist will give you a referral for a blood test to identify the level of male sex hormones. To start treatment pending the result of not recommended, as all visible signs do not always occur as a result of raising the level of testosterone in the blood women. The result will be ready the same day or the next, it is possible that a little later.
The doctor will prescribe you a course of hormonal therapy, of course, if phytoestrogens will not be able to help you (in a strong imbalance of sex hormones). Pills are selected individually; it all depends not only on the test results, but the General state of your health. Usually prescribed high-dose, highly tools, mostly containing estrogen.
As adjuvant therapy, take a decoction of the red root or St. John's wort. These herbs normalize hormonal balance. But treatment phytocomponents long, so it makes no sense to start drinking herbs, if you constantly forget to do it. A detailed scheme of reception read in the attached annotations. Take the broth for at least 1 month.
Drink mint tea - it will help flush the excess of male hormones from the blood. Mint not only helps to solve the main problem, but also improves the quality of sleep. Brew a tablespoon of raw in 500 ml of boiling water, take 100-150 ml of the decoction three times a day.
If you normally works the cardiovascular system, to help you can the usual caffeine. Drink a few cups of strong coffee without milk throughout the day. Caffeine triggers the production of estrogen and suppress testosterone, which leads to the normalization of hormonal background.
After one treatment, don't forget to take a blood test. If it has not brought results, the doctor will recommend you other, more powerful tools.