The examination of the body. Contact the hospital, submit to a blood test to detect levels of cortisol and possible reasons for its downgrade. Keep in mind, the level of cortisol in the blood varies depending on the time of day. Talk with your doctor. If you take medications, learn their impact on the level of cortisol in the blood.
Use of synthetic derivatives of cortisol. If the medical examination showed you the use of synthetic derivatives of cortisol, follow the instructions of your doctor and keep taking the prescribed drugs. Avoid breaking the receive mode, follow the assigned diet.
Start eating right. Eat meat, cheese, fish, cheese and other foods, rich in protein. Avoid an overabundance of cortisol in the blood, the excess is as harmful as deficiency. To regulate the level of cortisol drink plenty of fluids (two liters per day).
Use of biological or nutritional supplements. Contact your pharmacist, doctor, homeopath, but better - to your doctor for the selection of suitable food or biological additives. Follow established routine, and dosage. Do not exceed the dose and frequency of administration. Try to exclude other drugs.
Engage in physical activity. Start to visit the gym or exercise at home. Scientists have proved that the combination of exercise and stress leads to increased cortisol in the blood. Do not overload your body and mind, try to find the maximum safe level of load, any body.
Engage in extreme sports. Try the thrill of temporary physical and mental overload. Don't just sit there, take their free time Hiking, but follow safety standards. If such loads is contraindicated for you, do not resort to such a method of increase of cortisol in the blood.