Advice 1: How to fill out a form on the water

Counters in the calculation of utility costs become mandatory. This allows you to save money and better control their costs. However, filling out forms receipts many causes of difficulty.
How to fill out a form on the water
The receipt must indicate the volume flow of both cold and hot water. A figure of payment is the sum of the results.
In a box be sure to write the date of filling of the voucher. Be sure to write your surname, name and patronymic of the owner of the residential area where meters are installed on water. Next, the home address, i.e. the address of the apartment house where the counters are. Enter the number of your personal account. Very often the number originally stamped on the forms of receipts.
Make information about registered on this living space tenants: the number was, whether temporarily absent (it is necessary to confirm the documents), as well as enjoying the benefits.
In the designated column indicate the size of outstanding debt payments, if available. Write, for what service the payment and settlement period.
Make a separate count of the counter for the previous billing period. Enter the new information. Find the difference. This will be the volume of the consumed services. Add it to the receipt. Next enter the size of the tariff for one cubic meter. Calculate the amount of payment. This operation must be done for both hot and cold water.
Enter the amount for the service that you calculated for both counters. Specify the size of discounts for privileged categories of citizens, information about the allocation. Enter the total amount to be paid. Be sure to place the signature.
The service can be paid at any Bank or organization that accepts payments for utilities.
If hot water is unavailable, demand recalculation for not providing the service.
In that case, if you find your mailbox filled out a receipt, ask the housing and communal service, as it appeared there. Request them to check the payment details.

Advice 2: How to register a water meter

To move to a new system of payment of water, you need to install and register the flow meter of water. Although this procedure will require the investment of funds, it is possible that the metering device the water will soon pay for themselves. Here are the steps you need to take in order to begin to pay for water in accordance with accurate meter readings.
Water meter in other cases will allow you to pay for water consumption less
You will need
  • 1. Compiled by the specialist equipment necessary equipment
  • 2. Given the appropriate technical conditions, one or more water meters
  • 3. The package of documents required for registration of the counter
Refer to the application for the installation of water meter in DES (managing organization) or another company having the license for carrying out of such works. Within a few days you will come to the specialist who will check the condition of the water system and determine the equipment necessary for the installation of the meter equipment.
Buy counter (one or more), keeping in mind the specifications defined by the specialist for your apartment or house. However, suitable for your meter of water can find themselves the masters of the company leading work on its installation. But to buy a water meter on their own, wanting to save money or, conversely, to acquire a better machine, you have every right.
Coordinate the time of installation of the water meter with which you do the work ordered. Experts will arrive with a ready package of documents required for further registration of the meter and install it in a few hours.
Sight in DEZ (the management company), the act of acceptance into operation the metering devices. Then provide all the documents sent to you by a company that carried out the installation of the meter, Unified information and settlement center. Now, signing an agreement about payment of the delivered services with the help of counters you start to pay only for the amount of water that is truly consumed and not for the average monthly rate.
To install the counter yourself is strongly not recommended – even if you manage to do that, with high probability, DEZ, your work will not accept.
Useful advice
Deciding to buy the counter yourself, remember that the model must be entered in the State register of measuring instruments, otherwise register the device will fail.

Before you will install the flow meter of water, bring the water system in order – adjust the valves, make sure the reliability of pipes.

Advice 3: How to fill out a payment for water

To pay for the water you must correctly complete a receipt. It usually specifies the data that give counters. The payment amount will be the addition of the readings of counters of hot and cold water.
How to fill out a payment for water
For starters, the receipt enter the date of formation of the payment document. Necessarily specify your surname, name and patronymic. It is desirable to write completely. Don't forget to write your home address and number of the individual account. In the receipt there is a field that indicates the number of registered residents. If in your family someone is temporarily absent or exempt, it is necessary these facts are documented.
If available, enter the amount owed. Fill in the field names of paid services and the payment period. Don't forget to enter the unit of measure of this service, its scope. Then fill in the count rate. For beneficiaries, there are also discounts. Their size must be specified in the appropriate column. If you made the allocations, you can enter information about their amount. You also need to enter the payment amount for the current period.
It remains only to specify the total amount to be paid, which is already taken into account rebates, discounts and debt. Under it write the volume of water consumed. Put your signature.
There are times when people come already filled in a receipt. If the amount in it is incorrect, you should contact the housing and communal service. There you can find out on what basis the amount in the payment document increased or decreased. If your house for some time there was no hot water, it will necessarily require recalculation.
If the meter is installed with several apartments, then you need to add the amount of water that was used by people living in flats without meters. Then this figure is divided by the number of apartments. In the end, all the tenants must pay equal amount of money. After all housing and communal services recommended to put counters in each apartment.
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