The receipt must indicate the volume flow of both cold and hot water. A figure of payment is the sum of the results.
In a box be sure to write the date of filling of the voucher. Be sure to write your surname, name and patronymic of the owner of the residential area where meters are installed on water. Next, the home address, i.e. the address of the apartment house where the counters are. Enter the number of your personal account. Very often the number originally stamped on the forms of receipts.
Make information about registered on this living space tenants: the number was, whether temporarily absent (it is necessary to confirm the documents), as well as enjoying the benefits.
In the designated column indicate the size of outstanding debt payments, if available. Write, for what service the payment and settlement period.
Make a separate count of the counter for the previous billing period. Enter the new information. Find the difference. This will be the volume of the consumed services. Add it to the receipt. Next enter the size of the tariff for one cubic meter. Calculate the amount of payment. This operation must be done for both hot and cold water.
Enter the amount for the service that you calculated for both counters. Specify the size of discounts for privileged categories of citizens, information about the allocation. Enter the total amount to be paid. Be sure to place the signature.
The service can be paid at any Bank or organization that accepts payments for utilities.
If hot water is unavailable, demand recalculation for not providing the service.
In that case, if you find your mailbox filled out a receipt, ask the housing and communal service, as it appeared there. Request them to check the payment details.