Check the water meter

The installation of water meters in apartments for a long time has acquired a mass character. In such cases, between the apartment owner and the power supply, the contractual relationship arise, which regulates the installation, maintenance and monthly readings of the metering device.

Often in contracts responsible companies do not indicate that the owner is required every four years to inspect the water meter. In the technical documentation is defined as verification of the metering device. Calibration of the water meter - paid service, it will cost in the range of two thousand.

Typically, sealing and verification of water meters conducting water utility in your city or organization that is licensed to conduct this type of service.
This organization is gospodariile.

Calibration determines the error of the instrument on the readings. Time check the water meter was originally installed by the factory and noted in the passport counter.

Procedure for verification of the metering device.

Due verification of the metering device, you have two options for this procedure.

The first option. You may own to remove the water meter at home and take it to hooverite for review. This option is cheaper because you do not have to pay employees supply organization for the dismantling of the counter. But in this case the owner raises the problem of the temporary absence of water in the apartment. In addition, you should record the readings on the day of removal of the meter, and then lock them in a supply organization.

The second option. Apply at the utility company or water utility for dismantling the water meter. On the appointed day the representatives of the utility will remove the meter. On the day of lifting the water meter you will be able to act, which will record the readings at the time of dismantling. For thirty days while your device is to check you have the right to pay for water not by average standards, but on average your meter for the last six months.

After your water meter calibration will take place, you should as soon as possible to apply to power company for the installation of the meter in your apartment. At the time of installation, the employees of the utility shall be the act of taking the account of the attorney of the counter.
Be sure to pay attention to the readings on the day of removal and at the time of the installation, the same.

In order to not have to spend extra money when buying a metering device always pay attention to the date of the factory calibration. Note that the following calibration you must spend only four years after factory.