Tariffs for services "Mosvodokanal" annually approved by the Decree of Regional energy Committee of Moscow.
First you need to correctly calculate the amount of payment. Payment for water can be made on the basis of readings of meters, i.e. the meters, and those without. If you have not installed the meters, payable at the average rate, this figure is multiplied by the number registered for this housing. This operation is performed both for cold and hot water. It has its pluses (you can use plenty of water without paying for each cubic meter) and cons (of the tariff for water without a meter is much more expensive).
When you pay water by the meter, remove and record the readings of both meters, both cold and hot. Now fill in the receipt.
Enter the surname, name, patronymic of the owner of the apartment, home address, and also number of the personal account. Be sure to write the date of filling of the voucher, the settlement period.
If you pay for water without meters, enter the number of the registered fare. Multiply the rate by the number of people and enter the amount to be paid.
If the water is paid by meter, enter the readings for the previous billing period, new readings for cold and hot water. Subtract the old from the new data – you will receive the actual water consumption. Enter the numbers and the rate per cubic meter of hot and cold water. Multiply actual flow rate and record in special field. You will receive the amount to be paid.
In a separate column fit the size of the debt and information about the benefits.
Before you pay for water supply services, contact the housing Department for allocation in cases where water was not more than 8 hours per month or more than 4 hours per day. In this case, the amounts need to subtract 0.15 percent. It has to be done in the event of an accident on the highway that eliminated 24 hours or more. The employee of the Mosvodokanal should recalculate and amend the receipt. Also need to contact the housing Department if you (or the other was the tenant) long absence, confirming documents.
Now sign your name and pay at any Bank, accepting utility payments or through a payment terminal.