All tariffs for utility services are set at the level of local government. If you are not satisfied with how much you pay, ask for explanations to local officials. Also for calculating the cost of a cubic meter of water is affected by the number of plants in your region.
The calculation of the cost of hot water under the formula:

P= N* n*T, where

R – the size of a payment for hot water

N – Norm of heat consumption

n – the Number of people registered in the apartment

T – the tariff for thermal energy

This formula is valid only in case if the apartment is not installed meters for hot and cold water. However, if your counters are, the fact is not taken into account the average standard of consumption and the number of the persons, and the amount of water consumed in cubic meters. The cost per consumed cubic meter of hot water set by the water utility and city Council. This information is published in the media and, in addition, the cost of one cubic meter of water can be seen in the receipts for the rent.
Heating is charged based on data from instruments, surveys – common parts or standards of consumption. Also takes into account the total area of the apartment, which includes the area unheated spaces such as balconies. Indications common to the whole house metering device is divided into 12 months, so heating costs are specified in receipts for the entire year, including during the summer. The norm of energy consumption calculated and based on the type of building, so the two apartments of the same area may have different cost of heating.
If, due to preventive or other works you turned off the hot water, write an application to the water utility and ask to recalculate. Interestingly, the recalculation will be done only if you will declare, and if not – fee will be charged as usual for a full month, even if hot water was gone for two weeks.