In many receipt on payment of services of housing and communal services still appears the column "hiring". It should be noted that the fee for this column only applies if the municipal housing and does not belong to you. If you privatized apartments, the fee for this graph you don't need. Please contact the accounting Department of the management company with the relevant documents. There must immediately relieve you of the obligation to pay for it.
The next section – "payment for the maintenance and repair" of your apartment. It is calculated according to the rate that was selected at the conclusion of the contract with the management company. The size of this fee is specified in the documents and shall not be changed without the consent of the residents.
In the column "heating" needs to act in a special norm. The ratio is calculated on the basis of the indicators set by the Regional tariff Service or the local administration. All these data should be made freely available their also provides you with the management company. Also, if the home is a special equipment for heat metering, then heating is charged only at the rate according to heat consumption. The situation is similar to the calculation of cold and hot water. If no meters, the fee for them is calculated according to standards established by the local administration. If the metering devices are charged according to the consumed volume of water.
For homeowners ' associations and owners of private buildings the tariff for utilities is equal to the rate provider, that provides data services to consumers. But in this case, the heating rate will consist of amounts approved by the regional tariff Service in your area. In the case of water, it will be the same. As for the clients of management companies, the size of the tariff for the HOA and the private sector will establish a local administration. For verification of numbers you will have to fold calculated according to the rates or regulations the figures for the counts regarding your living space and the number registered in the apartment. If the result converges, then everything is fine. If not, you should be sure to look into the accounts of the management company and ask for a recalculation.