The ratio of water consumption for 1 person

If your apartment is not installed or is not properly designed water meters to pay for this benefit of civilization you will be on established standards. The cost of 1 cubic meter of water in different regions varies and depends on many factors, but the rate of water consumption per person is one.

Per month according to the norm is the following number of cubic meters of water: 6 – cold water and 3 hot. Translated into litres of cold water – 6000 liters of hot – 3000. If the monthly rate divided by 30, turning in the daily, it turns out that the rate of water consumption per day for 1 person is: 200 liters of cold water and 100 litres of hot. For comparison, the volume of a fully filled tank is 250 liters. Given that a bath every day, not all accept, it is easy to understand that the rate is too high. Putting the apartment water meters, you can save considerably on the payment of utility bills.

How much can you save by installing water meters

Almost everyone who has installed meters for water, say that water without a meter cost them much more expensive. The installation of a water meter is carried out entirely at the expense of the landlord. The final cost of this pleasure will depend on the number of counters. In homes with a single riser is sufficient to set 2 counters on cold and hot water. In homes with two risers will need to have 4 devices: 2 - cold 2 – hot, which, respectively, will be twice as expensive.

Also devices for measuring water consumption would have to believe, calling on the house of an authorized officer of the Department of housing or a management company. It also may incur additional costs. However, as practice shows, all costs associated with installing meters, are fully repaid by the savings on your bills in just a few months.

Do not think that the installation of meters you have to "uzhatsya" to the consumption of water, just enough not to pour it away, repairing cranes. Even if you every day wash, clean and bathe, spend more than the norm you will hardly succeed.

On average, you'll pay for water in 2 or even 3 times less. The largest amount of savings is usually in the summer when many are away on vacation or at the cottage. Without meters to obtain the recalculation of water charges, you would have to write the application and to be documented that you were not at home during this period. With counters, it's much easier – you'll pay exactly as much as required.