Take readings of the water meters. Most of the apartments is equipped with a mechanical instrument with the drum mechanism. Depending on the model in the slots see four or five black digits to the left of the decimal point. They indicate whole cubic meters. Two or three red numbers right of the decimal point is tenths, hundredths and thousandths of a cubic meter. Sleep number and rounded to the nearest integer. Subtract from it the previous readings taken a month ago. You will receive a flow of water in cubic meters.
If the apartment is equipped with several counters of cold water (two or more), determine the flow rate for each of them, and the figures will add up. Similarly, it calculates the total consumption in the presence of several hot water meters.
Transmit these data to the accounting Department of the management company or the payment center in person, by phone, email or via the Internet. They entered in the appropriate column of the payment document and, on their basis you will calculate the charge for water. To ensure that you have correctly made the calculation, multiply the water consumption at the current rate. Amount received compare with the assessed.
Remember that apartment water meters do not exempt you from having to pay obschedomovoy water waste. It occurs as a result of technological losses, leaks, use of water for washing driveways and watering lawns, as well as excess consumption of unregistered tenants that do not have metering devices. For example, in the apartment water meters is prescribed one person, and I live and use water four. Please contact the management company for the data on the basis of which quarterly (and in some UK – monthly) recalculation of water charges.
According to the Decree of the RF Government, the allocation algorithm is the following. Divide the water consumption for common metering devices on the total volume of water assessed to pay according to the standards of consumption and indications of room counters. The resulting factor and multiply by the flow of water room counter and current rate. From this figure subtract the already listed payments for water. You will receive a corrective amount, which appears in the column "Recalculation" of your payment document.