You will need
  • calculator;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - fountain pen.
Utilities consist of many factors. In receipts on payment of utility services is always a type of payment and the amount that is charged for this service. The first paragraph specifies the contents and repair of the dwelling. The rates are in the tariff Committee of the particular city. In this type of payment include: apartment building management, maintenance, current repairs of common property in an apartment house, cleaning the land, clearing garbage disposal, Elevator maintenance and intra house systems of gas supply. These fees are not dependent on the number of guests.
The number of registered residents will have an impact in charging for water and gas in case the consumption is calculated by the management body. If meters are installed, payments are not included in the total receipt. In this case, the payments for use of natural resources are carried out on separate receipts, and the number of people in this housing will not be considered. Electricity usage is also charged separately.
The rent depends on the occupied area. Citizens are charged fees for the possession of area in excess of the standards. For single rate - 33 m2 for two people - 42 m2, for 3 or more - 18 m2 of total area on each member of the family. When accounting for housing are not considered unheated space - loggias and balconies. But a bath with a toilet will be considered.
You can save on utilities if the apartment for some time no one lived. Utilities for downtime will not be charged. To confirm the absence, and a recalculation is necessary to provide documents to the accounting Department. For example, traffic tickets will confirm that for some time you were vacation and accommodation is not used.
Pay TV and radio provided in the "other expenses". To reduce utility bills you can disable unnecessary services in companies responsible for their supply.
Utility bills are charged in the accounting Department and transferred to the management company. Knowing the existing rates, you can check the calculations.