Before you begin calculating, you should know that the amount of payment for thermal energy is calculated based on total volume of consumption of utilities and established by the state (regional tariff Commission) tariff for heat, and measured the amount of thermal energy in gigacalorie. With all this calculation consumed heat depends on whether in house counters of heat energy. If the counters are available, then it is these calculated heat consumption and hot water. If the counter not, all calculations are made according to the standards established by the relevant state authority (the power supply).
How to calculate the payment of heating independently.
Multiply the size of the heat tariff, which is set in your city for this type of building (construction) total area of the apartment.
How to calculate heating water alone.
Multiply the set rate of heat by the ratio of the flow rate that is required in order to heat 1 cubic meter of water.
Multiply the product of the rate indicated on the flow meter of water. In that case, if the apartment or house meter is not available, instead of indicators, you should use the standard hot water, which is set by relevant authorities, for a single person and multiply the result by the number of registered residents.
Recently by order of the Moscow United energy company has developed a special method of calculation of thermal energy for homes installed with a shared counter, which is believed, will allow citizens to save money. So, to calculate a monthly payment for heat this year (the current at the moment of calculation), in accordance with the RF Government decree of may 26, 2006 No. 307 the citizen should get the average monthly energy consumption of heat for the previous year.