Wastewater or sewage. If you have installed metering devices or personal meters of water in the apartment, expect the amount of expenses as follows: fold the quantity of hot and cold water , and multiply by the rate applicable to your residence. If the metering devices you are missing, count value according to the norm from each tenant of your apartment (the ratio depends on the category of the house in which you live).
Cold water and hot water. Calculate the cost according to the tariff, it will depend on the category of the house in which you live. If the house has a communal metering metering device for hot and cold water, in the receipt you will see the designation CWS DPU DPU and the GW. In this case, expect the cost of water supply, focusing on the counters, multiplied by the rates applicable in your city, and divided by the number of people staying in the apartment.
Note that from the testimony deduct expenses for other house needs (cleaning of hallways and stairwells, cleaning of territory). If you have the apartment has individual metering in receipt of it will be designated as CWS and GW IPU IPU. This means that to calculate the cost you will be based on the meter readings multiplied by the corresponding tariffs for cold and hot water.