You will need
  • - the documents proving the identity;
  • money.
  • - a set of tickets for a theoretical examination;
  • - medical certificate.
Find the right driving school. It is best to choose the same where you have studied on a category C. If you do not feel confident that they know how to manage cars, pay for and pass a training course. Otherwise, you can skip this step, prepare yourself for a category In and when youout from exams, whenthan to prove the fact that training is not necessary (it makes for you mark rights).
Having memorized all 40 tickets, each of which consists of 20 jobs, pass the theoretical exam (normally allowed 2 errors). If you were trained on the category With less than three months ago, you have the opportunity to read the results of the passed exam. In this case, contact the traffic police and ask whether you can do it. If you were handed tickets for the categories of "CD" and not "VS", you most likely withneed to hand over all over again.
When you're confident, give a practical test on a category At the autodrome driving school. Notice practical exam you need to pass in any case, regardless of the existence of other categories. You will be offered any three of variant of the following task (selection of examiner): parallel reverse Parking, stopping, and pulling away on the rise, snake, turn, entrance to the box.
If you manage to complete all the proposed tasks adequately, go with the inspector to the city. Follow all the requirements of the employee of the driving school, at the same time observing all the rules of the road.
If not managed immediately to take all practical and theoretical exams, take additional driving lessons, learn tickets and try again after some time.
If you're done, turn in the theory and practice inthe presence of the traffic police inspector.
Contact the police and provide all the necessary documents: a card certifying exams with all signatures and seals, driver's license, passport, valid medical certificate. Pay the fee for examination, fee for the certification and get their new rights.