You will need
  • - castor oil;
  • - microclysters;
  • - mug Esmarch";
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - magnesia;
  • - herbs;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - glycerin;
  • - sodium chloride;
  • - juice of fresh beets;
  • - acetic acid.
For removing fecal stones take castor oil 1-2 tablespoons before bedtime. Castor oil helps soften the stool and has a laxative effect, coming within 6-8 hours.
Introduce into the rectum a glycerin suppository, sold in the dose for adults and children. If constipation continues for a significant period of time, and you feel heaviness in the intestines, bloating, bad breath, flatulence, enter 2 candles morning and evening. That is, during the day you can enter 4 candles. The effect of the drug occurs within 10-30 minutes.
You can also use the drug under the trade name "Norgalax". Sold in gel form for one individual microclysters. Put the medicine into the rectum two times a day. Specified in the annotation, the dose can be doubled.
Drug "Animax" is sold in plastic enemas, the volume of 120 ml. Remarkably removes fecal stones and helps with constipation. Put an enema morning and evening.
Can prepare a solution for enemas on their own. Mix 3 tablespoons of fresh beet juice, half teaspoon of acetic acid and two quarts of broth made from 1 teaspoon of witch hazel, 1 teaspoon chamomile, 1 teaspoon of motherwort and 1 teaspoon of lime. Fill the mug "douches" and make a cleansing enema.
You can also do an enema with a solution of magnesia and microclysters of sunflower, olive, flax, hemp, liquid paraffin. Enter the oil heated to a temperature of 37 degrees in a volume of 300 ml per enema.
If the doctor advised you to do microclysters Ogneva, mix 30 ml of a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide with 100 ml of glycerol and add 50 ml of 10% sodium chloride. Do an enema morning and evening.
Besides home remedies you can use the services of medical clinics and to pay kolonogidroterapiya. It is the most modern hardware methods of cleansing the intestines and removal of fecal stones. The procedure is carried out several courses during the year in combination with therapeutic massage and reflexology. Helps not only get rid of fecal matter and cleanse the entire body of toxins.