You will need
  • playpen for dogs;
  • tray;
  • - Newspapers or diapers.
Remove all floor carpeting at the time of schooling Spitz to the tray. If the baby will mark the carpet at least once - the smell will be impossible to get rid of. And your Pomeranian will consider this one of their "toilets".
как приучить взрослую собаку клотку
Purchase a playpen or metal fence for sabactani and fences are sold in specialty pet stores. These devices allow you to limit the freedom of movement of the dog in the apartment, due to which the territory is a housekeeping service is significantly reduced. Select the room in which will inhabit your pet. If you have purchased a fence - install it in the doorway if the arena - in any place convenient for you.
как приучить чихуа хуа к лотку или к одному месту туалета
Cover the floor in the playpen with Newspapers or special diapers. Install in the cage bed bowls, put the toys. Lock Spitz in this cage in your absence. It is also recommended to send the dog after food and sleep.
приучить кота к лотку
Watch carefully for Spitz. You should know that after 10-20 minutes after meals or bedtime the dog will want to "pee". As soon as you notice that Spitz is trying to "sit down" - take the baby and take it to the arena. Make Spitz realized that "going to the toilet" only in the arena and only on Newspapers.
как научить шпица командам
Install the tray at a selected location of the arena. Take a piece of cloth and soak it in the urine Spitz. Put the cloth in the tray. Urine smell will help the puppy to understand what their needs he needs to celebrate in this place. Gradually reduce the number of Newspapers on the floor of the arena. If the child has "missed" slightly scold him and put him in a short time in the tray.
Как выглядит шпиц
Never spanked Spitz and do not yell at him. Fear of punishment can only exacerbate the situation, and you will not achieve positive results.
Be sure to praise your dog if she went in the tray. Do not skimp on affection and delicious pieces.