Learn patience and tranquility, the only way you can clearly and consistently explain to the dog what is required of her, which is unacceptable, and what gets approved. Keep in mind that this breed is the result of breeding work has developed a pronounced dominance (Spitz thinks he, at least, Napoleon) and anxiety, which in unfamiliar surroundings is manifested by whining and barking, increased activity.
имена для щенков шпица
Despite its small size, it can be dangerous if guards the territory. Because the conditions of breeding were quite hard, they use their own characteristic style of attack – from behind and with numerous bites, with their mobility it can be very dangerous for attacked. You must ensure the unconditional fulfilment of all of your teams in order to prevent such situations.
Как выглядит шпиц
Since childhood, be consistent and don't let your puppy what might be prohibited for an adult dog. Eliminate any manifestation of spoiled, never feed her from the table and don't encourage begging. Stop it barking, although at first it will seem very funny.
стоит померанский шпиц
The promotion of actions, which then become forbidden, helps to ensure that the Spitz is produced by pronounced hysterical behavior and to manage it without the hard impact becomes impossible. The natural reaction of the dog in this case become a destructive behavior – she begins to chew on shoes, hide under the furniture and bark loudly.
как выбрать кличку щенку немецкому шпицу
Not to be disappointed in this breed, please contact with the puppy initially, not as a toy. Teach it to three to four months all essential basic commands: "come", "no", "fu", "location", "near", "sit". Focus on prohibiting the team, this will prevent the dog from many dangers.
как научить шпица командам
Your persistence and consistency will help him to quickly understand what is required of him and how he should behave in different situations. A little effort and patience in the first few months will be more than rewarded with exemplary obedience, and it always contributes to the understanding and pleasure of communicating with a dog.