Food and care

как можно назвать шпица

Most importantly, the right nutrition. When buying a puppy ask the breeder diet of the baby. The first few days stick to the usual Spitz mode, then you can gradually change his diet. The puppy can be fed cooked or commercial food. If you stopped on the last option, choose to trade food for puppies, and after 6 months transfer of pet food for juniors. Keep the puppy clean water.

Как выглядит шпиц

Look for a place to stay pet. Spitz needs to be cozy, protected from the cold and drafty home. It is not necessary to place it near the battery, and also on the aisle. You can buy a comfortable mattress or even a special house - like many tiny dogs, Pomeranians love protected shelter.

Сколько стоит померанский шпиц

Do not allow the dog to get on beds and chairs. A small puppy may fail to jump off them and damage the joints. For the same reason the kid can't drive stairs until he turns six months. To carry the animal for a walk will have on hand. Don't forget that until you have made all the necessary vaccinations, the puppy to go out is impossible.

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Different Spitz fluffy, very thick hair. To include it in the order will help the brush and comb with long rare teeth. Since childhood, accustom the puppy to the daily brushing process. Better to do it after eating and walking, when the pet is relaxed and set up friendly.

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Raising a puppy

Miniature size Spitz solve one of the most important for the owner of problems going to the toilet. If you do not want in any weather to display the dog on the street, teach him to pan. Purchase a large tray with a mesh and a low side. Need for dog toilet with a column. To accustom will need disposable diapers and a few free days. Spitz are very intelligent and the puppy will soon understand what you want from him. The design needs to be washed after each use and once a week it needs to be treated with special disinfectant solution.

The puppy was active and cheerful, often play with him. Purchase a leash roulette for free-range. Spitz does not need long walks, but loves to run on grass or sand. Buy pet toys for self-entertainment. Better if they are made of latex or natural lived - plastic parts the dog can chew and get hurt.

Don't wait from Spiez perfect obedience - he has a rather independent nature. However, the dog must know its name and some basic commands. While the puppy will learn his nickname, keep it with a leash - pet can easily get lost.