Purchase a tray with low sides and put inside the sawdust, small straw, or a regular filler. Some rabbits eat the straw, therefore its use is undesirable, unless, of course, you don't want to make the kid took it as a feeder.
Remind silly on the tray. If the floor formed a puddle, a little scold him and take it to the toilet. Let him sit and think, you should blame the rabbit, but not much. To beat them in any case impossible, they are too fragile and delicate creatures.
Rabbits, like many animals, prefer to go to the toilet where you already have their scent. Do not forget to carefully wash the floors and clean the carpets to make eared off the former place, where to go to him was strictly forbidden. Wet the napkin in the urine and put it in the tray. The baby will begin to sniff and to navigate by smell, so it will be in the right place.
Decorative rabbits are intelligent, they understand what is required of them and within a week you start to go to the toilet is strictly in the tray. Remind your toddler often and at the slightest success praise him. Only patience and calmness, not everything can happen at once.