You will need
  • - treats
  • - "pugalki".
The dog stopped shitting in bed, first she needs to explain that on the bed it is nothing to do. Give the dog a corner there lay a baby mattress, put a bed or dog house. The animal should sleep there. Also train her to go on command "place" and some time to stay on his couch.
Think, perhaps, you teach a puppy to pee on a newspaper or in a special tray, intimidated him to such an extent that the animal is afraid of you to celebrate the need. Change tactics. Instead of yelling at the puppy when he sat down on the bed, carry him to the litter box or outside and hold it there for as long as the dog doesn't empty his bladder. Then don't forget to praise the animal, give him a treat.
Go for a walk with my dog. Perhaps the dog simply does not stand up to go to the toilet twice a day, and, as an alternative, he chose your bed. Try to withdraw the dog at lunch at least five minutes, or walk with him immediately on arrival from work and then before bed.
Purchase at the pet store special pugalki, or make your own: in a metal can pour small buttons, cogs, cereals. You can also stock up loud rustling of a newspaper or package. As soon as you notice that the dog is attached on the bed begin to rattle and rustle. Animal shame will run away and after a few sessions of such "therapy" would not even come close to this place. In your absence just close the bedroom door.