Features of the breed.

All representatives of this fine breed is distinguished by a lively and cheerful character, vitality and inquisitiveness, devotion to his master. But often dwarf Spitz jealous and their dedication to all members of the family may not be distributed, so families with children, this breed is not very suitable. Spitz is a great companion for a person living separately. Not very good with other Pets, as egocentric and loves that all the attention went to him.

имена для щенков шпица

Despite its dense and long coat of this dog care is not difficult. Her hair does not clump into mats, and you to support her luxurious look, periodically comb it with a special brush, however, during molting, it will need to do several times a day. This will help reduce the amount of hair that remains on the furniture and flooring. Bathing a Pomeranian or need a special baby shampoo, but no more than once per month.

Как выглядит шпиц

Whether because Spitz is really very teachable, whether they are driven by the desire to always be the center of attention, but these dogs quickly learn all sorts of new tricks and repeat them without any compulsion, and even treats, remembering the enthusiastic reaction from others. Naturally, the process of close contact with the host during training for them fun and any team they learn in one or two classes.

стоит померанский шпиц

I love walking and never asks "handle" like other small breeds. They especially like to watch training or performing various "tasks".

How many will have to pay for the Pomeranian

This breed is quite expensive, and it is due not only fashion, but also the fact that bitches mostly only give birth to 1-3 puppies. Of course, as with any other breed, the Pomeranian cost will depend on the exhibition of the regalia of the parents and from the qualities of the puppy. If this culling, this puppy will not be issued even puppy card, and buy you will be able inexpensive. In culling puppies come with malocclusion, neurochem fontanel, cryptorchidism, undelivered ear or both, deficiencies in color. Of course, on the nature of the dog, these defects will not affect.

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In the case when the puppy is fully compliant with the breed standard, the price starts from 30 thousand rubles. The average cost of such dog – 50 thousand rubles. Pomeranian dwarf Spitz "bear" type are more expensive than German, with the "Fox" type. Bitch will cost more than male.

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