While the puppy is not vaccinated, he can't go outside. As this period lasts up to 2-3 months, you should teach your Dachshund to the toilet in the apartment.
котёнка приучить к туалету в потпале
Take a piece of cellophane sheets, put newspaper. If you have the opportunity to buy the puppy disposable hygienic diaper (sold in pharmacies), it will be the best option. Usually puppies go to the toilet after sleeping, feeding and active play. You can easily determine the right moment, if you watch the pet as soon as he was concerned, spun around and began to sniff the floor, pick him up and take it to the toilet. As soon as the baby has done their business, praise him vigorously, treat treat.
как приучить таксу к туалету дома
If the baby took a puddle or a pile in the wrong place, strictly Naruhito it and take it to the toilet. No need to punish the puppy or RUB his nose - he's too young and would not understand such a treatment. The only thing you will achieve is fear and distrust of you.
как приучить собаку ходить в туалет в определённое время
If you carry the puppy to the toilet regularly, he quickly realized what was going on and begin to walk in it yourself.
как приучить той терьера к туалету на улице
If the schooling you have any difficulty then you can try the following method: dipped in a puddle of toddler a piece of paper and put it in the toilet. Puppies are well guided by the smell, and this method allows them to quickly figure out what he wants from their master.
Once vaccinated, the quarantine is sustained, you can start to teach your Dachshund to a street toilet. While the puppy is small, it must be to walk 6-7 times a day, gradually reducing the number of trips of up to 2-3 times.
Take out the baby after each feeding or a long sleep. As soon as he did his business rapidly praise. At first, the homemade toilet, you can leave.
When the puppy will learn to more or less tolerate, it is possible to remove the home toilet and to continue regular schooling of the kid to the street.